Baby Of Florida Deputies Who Died By Suicide To Be Adopted By Relative.

A gentle reminder: Life is wonderful. Express yourself to whoever you feel comfortable with. But don’t give up. You are not alone.

Clayton Osteen, a retired US marine, decided to end his life just before midnight on New Year’s Eve. His partner, colleague and mother of their infant Victoria Pacheco gave her life too, leaving their one month old baby Jayce Osteen an orphan.

A GoFundMe page was created by Kelly Ridle, a friend of Osteen, to raise money for Jayce. All the donations will be utilized for the little one’s brighter future.

The good news is “a close family member” would adopt the angel. Kelly even wrote on the page that she is thankful for all the support and prayers received.

Bless the little boy who has many angels around him protecting and healing him. May no child suffer the loss this child had to go through. So tiny…So innocent…So pure…

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