Baby Was Starved Of Oxygen In His Mother’s Womb.

Sometimes, children are born with disabilities. But instead of letting that keep them down, they rise above. And their parents are there every step of the way. Here are 10 stories of parents… who never stopped helping their disabled children.

1. Jonathan Bryan was starved of oxygen in his mother’s womb, and was born with cerebral palsy, and doctors even suggested to his parents that they end his treatment… and his life. But they did not, and Jonathan grew, only communicating with eye flickers and jerky arm movements.

His mother, Chanel, persisted in teaching him, hoping to unlock his silence. She was able to devise a word-board system, and after a while Jonathan, at 7 years old, was able to communicate to his parents through that system. Finally, he had a voice.

2. When Grant Stoner was just over a year old, doctors diagnosed him with Spinal muscular atrophy type 2, which affects all the muscles, so he would never be able to walk or use his hands. But although his body was completely disabled, his mind was not, and he excelled through his formal education and through college.

He even won Duquesne University’s Liberal Arts General Excellence Award, and served as speaker for the graduation ceremony, telling his fellow graduates: Throughout my life, I have been told that I will never amount to anything, simply because of my physical limitations. If I had listened to every negative word, I would not be here, speaking before you. I would have given up, shut myself in my room away from the outside world. Yet, here I am.”

3. Linda Bannon, of Chicago, was born without arms through a rare genetic disorder. She had prosthetic limbs specially made for her but she didn’t like using them. So most of the time, she was armless, using her feet whenever the need arose.

She was married in 2004 and soon after, the couple had a son, Timmy, and in a strange turn of fate, Timmy, too, was born without arms.

But Timmy has also learned to do without arms. He is now 11 and can do practically anything you or I can do, including swimming and playing a guitar with his feet.

4. Andrew D’Eri was born with autism, and had a really rough time finding a job. Realizing that could be a universal issue, Andrew’s dad and brother started a business that employed mostly those with autism.

The Rising Tide Car Wash is located in Parkland, Florida, and employs 35 autistic men and women.

Since many of them were bullied in school, they found that working at the car wash gave them a great sense of confidence, as well as accomplishment.

5. A video was posted showing one little boy, with an unknown disability, being taught by his father how to defend himself with boxing.

He looks like he’s loving it, and when he goes to school, I doubt too many bullies are going to go down that unwise path of picking on him.

6. When Poppy Whelan was born in early 2015, she had a severe facial disfigurement due to a syndrome that affects facial bones.

But her mother, Sophie, has vowed to teach her that beauty is only skin deep and that she is beautiful, both inside and out.

Says Sophie, “She is such a happy baby and brings so much joy to me.”

7. 7-year-old Hugo was born with a rare disorder that causes epilepsy, cerebral palsy and impaired vision. Obviously, some very tough things for him and his family to deal with.

But Hugo’s dad wanted to bond with him in a special way. So, Dad Mikail ran in a marathon, carrying son Hugo the entire time. A marathon. That’s 26 miles.

What a truly great bonding experience…for such a great dad.

8. The expression on that little boy’s face… is true joy.

The father of the unknown disabled boy in whereabouts equally unknown had strapped his son to his own body so he could enjoy playing soccer with some other children.

9. Ding was born in China with cerebral palsy. Doctors told his mother he wasn’t worth saving, and her husband left her because she would not give him up.

So now the single mother had to work hard at several jobs and teach her son the best she could.

Now, her son Ding, at age 29, has earned his bachelor’s and master’s degrees in China and is now enrolled at Harvard Law School. Mom never gave up on her son, and he never gave up on himself.

10. Patrick Hughes did not have eyes when he was born. And he could not straighten his arms or his legs. But neither Patrick nor his father were going to give up on him.

Patrick learned to play the trumpet. Then he was asked to join the Louisville Cardinals marching band. He did not understand how he could participate in that, since he was blind and in a wheelchair. But his dad solved that by pushing him himself in the complicated formations.

Today, Patrick, having graduated college Magna Cum Lau-de, is a world renowned musician and public speaker. He has also released a few albums and has even authored a book.

Not bad at all for someone who was born without some of the things in life we all too quickly take for granted.

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