Babysitter Storms Off After Client Calls Her “Expensive” For Charging While Their Baby Sleeps.

While babysitting is one of the most popular jobs for teens, caring for kids is no joke. It is tough and requires a tremendous lot of effort, commitment, and accountability to live up to expectations. A babysitter said that the baby’s parents do not want to pay her for when the baby naps. It seemed like a smack in the face for the woman, because she was doing all the duties and work while the baby slept. Continue reading to see how the tale developed, and be sure to leave your ideas in the comments.

Source: Reddit

I think I’m the a**h**e but I need perspective.

Background: I’ve been babysitting a 22 mo for the family for a year. I get paid 20 dollars an hour, i’m an EMT-Basic and speak spanish. So the baby learns spanish (although, i admit i’ve been bad about it lately).

Story: The dad has made 4 comments in the past about how “he hates that I’m there while the baby is napping”. I’ve told him those four times that he didn’t have to pay me, and he just denied & paid me anyway. While the baby is napping I clean up after messes, sometimes wash the bottles if he hasn’t yet, help the mom with spanish homework, making flashcards, or make the baby food.

Today he said “you get expensive if you’re here while the baby is napping”… which feels like a slap in the face because of what i do while she’s sleeping. They’re pretty well off and it’s frustrating to think that they can spend money on lavish things but not a service.

I left, although I was supposed to stay another hour, because I got frustrated. I’m thinking about quitting because this isn’t all I put up with. I feel bad quitting because I love the child, she’s like a little sister to me. Please give me perspective, am i an a**h**e?

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