Balloon Released At Father’s Grave Surprisingly Comes Back Home.

A few years back, in Cement, Oklahoma, a woman and her daughter were spending their first Father’s Day without dad, and it was a tough time for them. Pancreatic cancer had claimed the man they loved so much just the month before, so, on Father’s Day, Sandy and Saige drove 25 miles to visit Johnny Siebold’s grave.

They released a bunch of balloons while standing next to his grave, and a note written by daughter Saige had been put in a clear plastic bag and attached to the balloons. It was something the mother and daughter felt strongly about doing, this first Father’s Day without Johnny. They were startled when the balloons got held up in some power lines, but a minute later, a strong gust of wind freed them, and they started rising.

After a few minutes of watching the balloons float across the sky, the two got back in their car and drove that 25 miles back home. They stopped to pick up a few things along the way, but soon, they were pulling into their driveway. Saige then got out of the car and walked a few hundred feet from the house to the pasture where she and her father had worked together not that long ago. And there, she spotted some very strange… but EXTREMELY familiar.

It was those balloons they had just released at the cemetery, still with Saige’s note attached to them. Tears welled up in the young girl’s eyes, and she started crying. It was as though her dad had read her note, and returned it and the balloons to her….with a smile.

Because, when you think about it, what are the odds that someone will drive 25 miles and release some balloons, only to have those same balloons float 25 miles back to the very house you live in?

I would say – with a smile – those are some pretty high odds. 

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