Batman Walks The Bullied Girl To Daycare.

When your kids are at school, you just have to hope and keep your fingers crossed that nothing bad will happen to them and you certainly don’t think there will be any problems at a nursery school. Unfortunately, hoping and crossing your fingers doesn’t always do the job.

One day, Lydia’s mom spotted some marks on her daughter’s face, and just resigned herself to believe that some of the kids at the nursery in Florida were just roughhousing a bit. But later on, when Lydia came home with bruises on her face and a black eye, her mom pressed her on what happened.

Lydia told her about the bullies at her school. Now, it might be hard to imagine children that young can be bullies… but they can.

Says Lydia’s mom, Erica Calculli: “She told me that a bunch of girls and one boy hit her, and a girl threw a shoe at her eye.”

Then Erica noticed that Lydia was changing. Lydia was once a very happy and bubbly little girl. Now she was turning angry and violent with her mom. Erica was very concerned, so she wrote about it on social media, hoping to get some kind of help. And help, indeed, was on its way.

Jack Asbury responded. He had known Erica for awhile, so he asked if it might help matters if he put on his Batman outfit and walked Lydia into school.

Jack, who works as an EMT, often dresses up as Batman and visits children in the community who need some cheering up. Erica thought that might just work, so, this past August 28, Jack dressed up as the Dark Knight and asked Lydia if he could walk her into her nursery school.

She grabbed him by the hand and led the way. And as he entered the class with her, all the other children froze. And then they started saying his name. “Batman!” And he told all those in the class that Lydia was his very best friend. And that left quite an impression among them, the lesson being: Friendship.

The next day, one of the children in the class walked up to Lydia when she got there and led her into the classroom, saying “Hi, best friend, Lydia.” And it made Erica cry. Since then, everything has been just fine.

A batfund has been set up to help Jack continue to make children in the community happy again.

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