Be One With Nature. Bio Urns Promise To Turn You Into A Tree After You Die.

This topic makes some people uncomfortable, but do you have plans on what to do with your body when you leave this world? We have an idea that might interest you.

A nonprofit based in Toronto, Canada, is offering a somewhat grim, but also hopeful product called the Bios Urn. Simply put, the urn promises to turn you into a tree when you die.

Of course, they don’t mean that literally, but it would be nice to have your final resting place be rooted in an actual tree. The Bio Urn is filled with biodegradable materials, as well as a tree seed. You can choose between pine, maple, oak or ash.

Of course, the urn has been designed in such a way that it will meet your prospective final wishes. The seed won’t take root immediately after planting. When the urn’s parts degrade, the urn section, where your ashes would be, becomes part of the subsoil and will turn your ashes into fertilizer for the tree.

The product has been selling briskly for over a year now, and benefits nonprofit Now that you know what it is, would you consider getting a BioUrn?

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