Best friends given 2% chance of survival beat the odds to graduate high school together

The interesting thing about friendship is that it may arrive in any shape or size. Friendships form in the most unexpected locations, and one of the most intriguing aspects of a good friendship is that you may meet somebody who will transform your life in the future at any moment, on any given day.

The roots of a strong friendship now rest on an implicit understanding between two individuals that they will be there for one another. A buddy will listen or chat when you need it, will provide advise or support, and will generally be someone you can turn to when things are tough.

Odin Frost and his bestie, Jordan Granberry, from Texas, maybe best exemplify what we mean. One is black, the other white, and they both lead quite different lifestyles. The journey of the couple in question began when they were babies. Both were born with gloomy prospects, yet they were both cherished and nurtured by strong families.

According to accounts, Odin and Jordan shared a scary number at birth: doctors gave each boy a 2% chance of survival. Not only that, but the brothers were both admitted to the same NICU in a Dallas hospital at various times.

Odin was born three weeks premature to a 40-year-old mother who suffered preeclampsia during her pregnancy. This resulted in cerebral hemorrhage in the newborn. Jordan, on the other hand, was suffering from a blood infection in the womb and was running low on oxygen. As a result, he was left with lifelong brain damage.

Despite the fact that specialists said they had a little chance of surviving, they did! Odin and Jordan have grown together through the years, facing hardships and the pains and hardships of life by another’s sides.

Odin began walking at the age of five, while Jordan took his first steps at the age of eighteen. They’ve both outlived their diagnosis by many years.

Odin and Jordan initially met at the Wayne D. Boshears Center for Exceptional Programs when they were three years old. They were pictured together there, with Odin’s father Tim commenting that their very first day of school, they were put in the same classroom. They developed a strong connection right away. They couldn’t communicate, yet they were constantly together wherever the other was.

It was the start of a friendship that would defy all expectations. For starters, Odin and Jordan couldn’t communicate, but that didn’t stop them from wanting to be around one other. They listened to music at school and in the vehicle, poked each other, and grinned as Jordan’s mother, Donna, trimmed their hair.

In 2020, the guys were scheduled to graduate from the same high school. Odin and Jordan both proudly ascended the stage to get their degrees, and they were then able to replicate that iconic first photo they had taken when they were just three years old.

Undoubtedly, the internet reacted well when Tim posted on Reddit the graduation photo along with one from when Odin and Jordan were toddlers.

“AWESOME!!” said one user. I work as a disability support worker, and it’s wonderful to see that they’re such good friends. Many of the individuals I work with who have intellectual challenges struggle to find friends and companions.”

Tim stated that his intention in releasing the photo was to encourage people and to illustrate Odin and Jordan’s beautiful bond. He explained that just because something doesn’t appear like ‘the typical,’ doesn’t make it any less than. Both guys have enough personality, drive, wit, humor, and delight to make anyone’s heart sing. The will of both of these magnificent persons to live and live completely should motivate and provide hope to anybody who is seeking for it.

I am sure the story of Odin and Jordan’s relationship might teach a lot of people a good lesson. Life might be difficult at times, but it is always easier with a good buddy at your side.

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