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Bette Midler Celebrates Her 77th Birthday — She Spent Half Her Life with Husband Who Gave Up Profession for Her.

Bette Middler is 77 years old and has lived nearly half her life with her husband, Martin Von Haselberg, nicknamed Harry Kipper. Midler was instantly attracted to Haselberg when she first met him because he appeared to be a grown-up.

Six weeks after their first date, she and Haselberg unexpectedly eloped to Las Vegas, where they married at the Starlight Chapel. Midler, Haselberg, and an Elvis Presley impersonator served as the officiator for the ceremony.

The couple had only been dating for six weeks, and Midler was the one to propose to Haselberg, who accepted. They married on the spur of the moment, and a year later, they had their daughter.

Midler attempted to have further children with Haselberg in the years following the birth of her daughter. She tried all, even fertility therapy, but she kept miscarrying until they concluded that one was enough.

Midler and Haselberg may have had a hurried romance and marriage, but their bond is real, and Midler feels they are accountable for keeping each other youthful at heart.

Midler once stated that she never wanted to grow up and saw herself as a lifelong adolescent. She never felt like an adult, which is why she considers herself fortunate to have married a man who is in touch with his inner kid.

Midler feels that most people are like herself and her husband: mature on the exterior but childlike on the inside. She referred to it as the “human condition” and stated that it was nothing to be embarrassed of.

Despite how beautiful they appear to be together, Midler and Haselberg have had their fair share of marital difficulties. The actress stated in an interview that they fought before their daughter Sophie Von Haselberg was born.

Sophie spent more time with her dad since Midler had to fly out of town to film a movie or perform some business. Following her birth, the parents chose to make her their primary attention and concern.

They recognized they wanted to be the best parents to their kid, so they stayed together until things improved between them, according to Midler.

Given how well that worked, it’s no wonder that Midler and her husband consider putting family first to be the key to keeping a marriage together.

No marriage is flawless, but Midler is grateful she and Haselberg were able to work things out instead of giving up when difficulty initially appeared. She also had to understand how to compromise, which she was not used to doing before meeting him.

Haselberg was dubbed “the finest parent who ever lived” by the talented lady, who complimented him for all he had done for his family. According to rumours, he gave up his commodities trading business to support Midler’s career and raise his kid.

Midler stated that Haselberg, who is German, was the one who taught their daughter how to cook and speak in German.

Sophie spent more time with her father as a child because Midler was often traveling to make a movie or perform some business out of town.

He was a strict dad, but when Midler arrived home from work, she took on the role of the fun parent, maintaining a balance. Being an only kid meant she could enjoy all of her parents’ attention, which she relished.

The delighted wife also thanks him for caring after her for all of their years together. She now understands that marriage is about patience; after all, the benefits are what she has enjoyed with Haselberg for decades.

Sophie, their grown-up daughter, has also found her Mr. Right in a guy named Harry J. N. Guinness. Their wedding was a simple affair that took place in the midst of the COVID-19 epidemic in 2020.

Sophie stated that they had not intended to marry in 2020, but with everything that was going on and the COVID-19 limits, the only persons in attendance numbered 11 and no more.

Sophie, her husband, and the rest of their family carried through their wedding preparations. It added a particular touch to the occasion, and Sophie described how cozy it was in an Instagram photo she shared later.

Midler and her spouse now live a happy and calm life in Millbrook, New York, where they share mutual pastimes such as tai chi.

They also support their favorite organization, the New York Restoration Project, which helps communities all throughout New York create green, open areas.

Things have changed since Sophie left the home to pursue her own life, but the pair remains satisfied. Midler did a good job as a mom, so she is confident in her ability to be an excellent grandmother.

Midler is pleased with how her life has turned out, and she is looking forward to spending the rest of her life with Haselberg, about whom she frequently brags. In an earlier interview, she described him as a “genius” who might have been a brilliant actor but instead decided to paint and shoot.

Midler believes their marriage is “great,” and no one, at this point, can persuade her differently. Midler, happy birthday!

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