Biker Carries Injured Dog On His Back After He Got Hit From A Car.

In early July, in Columbus, Georgia, Columbo the dog was hit by a car, and then just left there… injured in the street.

A short time later, Jarrett Little was riding his mountain bike with a group of other cyclists. They had stopped to regroup when Columbo came limping out from the woods and greeted them. All of them could see that he was extremely thin, with a broken leg and a lot of road rash. They had to help him, so Jarrett had his friends put the injured dog on his back and he biked his way back into town.

While riding, Jarrett was stopped by a woman driving in the area. It was a woman named Andrea Shaw. After Jarrett told her what had happened, she told him she was an animal lover from Maine and would take the dog and find him some help.

So Andrea took Columbo to an animal hospital and she paid to have his leg fixed and injuries treated. Another animal group – Canine Freedom Transportation – then transported Columbo to Maine to live with Andrea.

And, if you haven’t guessed it already, SHE was the one to name him Columbo, considering she found him on Jarrett’s back… in Columbus. 

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