Bizarre Medical Condition Is Turning This Teenager Into A Human Statue.

Red and yellow, Black or white we are all the same on the inside well for the most part. Here are 7 stories of human conditions the rest of us can be thankful we don’t have.

1. Luciana Wulkan is 17 and suffers from an extremely rare disease that slowly turns all of her muscles, tendons and ligaments to stone – it’s also known as Stone Man Syndrome.

Her hip muscle fused at age 7 and her jaw locked a few years ago. Sadly, the disease is incurable. But Luciana has somehow adapted to her condition and remains positive.

2. Charles Osborne was hanging a hog and preparing to butcher it when he fell. It busted a vessel in his brain. Practically ever since then, he has been hiccuping.

Experts believe he hiccupped nearly 600 million times over his lifetime. The hiccups mysteriously stopped in 1990. One year later, Charles died of natural causes at the age of 97.

3. Haley Smith suffered from an ultra-rare illness which made her believe she was… dead. It’s called the Walking Corpse Syndrome. She felt extremely comfortable watching movies about zombies because she felt she fit in. She would also fantasize about picnics in graveyards.

Now what finally got her to break this strange mind pattern… was watching Disney movies… and no zombies are allowed when you’re watching Disney.

4. So you think YOU’RE having a bad hair day? Little Lyla Barlow has Uncombable Hair Syndrome. And, Yes, that’s a real thing. It’s so rare, that there are only 100 cases of it worldwide. And Albert Einstein even suffered from it.

The hair is uncombable because instead of having normal round follicles, Lyla’s follicles are heart-shaped. Very odd indeed.

5. Natalie Whitear is 35 years old, and doesn’t recognize her face in the mirror.

She suffers from face blindness. She knows objects immediately, but just cannot identify faces, even those of her husband and her children.

It is believed at least 2 percent of the population have some degree of face blindness.

6. Karen Byrne of New Jersey suffers from Alien Hand Syndrome. This rare syndrome is when someone cannot control one of their limbs, often the hand, and it feels like it’s being controlled by an outside entity…. like an alien!

At age 27, Karen had a surgery to try to help her with her epilepsy. Instead, it gave her the Alien Hand Syndrome, with Karen often slapping herself and unbuttoning her shirt when she did NOT want to. There is apparently no cure for this.

7. Nick Hess lives in Columbus, Ohio. When he eats potato chips or anything high in carbs, he gets drunk. His wife thought he was becoming an alcoholic. Even doctors believed he was an alcoholic, but after a hospital stay where he was studied, it became clear that he was not.

While on his regular diet, Nick would slur his words, stammer and even smell of alcohol. Further studies found that the yeast inside Nick’s stomach was excessive, so every time he ate chips or something high in carbs, it would mix with the yeast and make him drunk.

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