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Blake Shelton Is Reportedly Preparing To Be A Dad — He’s Doing Nursery DIY And Building A Crib, Claims Life&Style.

Blake Shelton, a country singer and “The Voice” judge, has been parenting Gwen Stefani’s three sons and is proud to be their stepfather. One of the cast members on “The Voice” questioned him whether being around Stefani’s kids made him desire kids of his own.

The singer deftly evaded the subject, but he did admit that being on “The Voice” gave him a paternal urge, but he made no mention of future children.

The pair is, though, said to be anticipating their first kid together. Stefani’s fourth kid and Shelton’s first biological child.

The country singer admitted that he didn’t know whether being a stepfather was more tough than being a biological parent, but it appears like he will soon find out.

Shelton and Stefani have allegedly tried unsuccessfully to conceive through IVF since their engagement. According to a close source, Stefani would grow enthusiastic with every IVF cycle, but every negative result would be terrible.

As a result, the fashion designer was recommended to rest her body. Stefani also didn’t want to get her hopes up since the emotional upheaval was too much for her.

Stefani, on the other hand, allegedly chose to give IVF one more go since she desired nothing more than to give Shelton a kid of his own.

According to a source, this baby is Shelton and Stefani’s greatest blessing; they also allegedly stated the 53-year-old falling pregnant again was a Christmas miracle.

Shelton has been a dedicated stepfather; he even stood down as a judge on “The Voice” to spend more time with his family. With his family supposedly growing, the country singer will have his hands busy.

The duo was recently in New York for the Matrix Awards. Stefani was dressed in a pink flowery gown, and viewers couldn’t help but notice what appeared to be a baby bulge poking out of the outfit. According to a source, the singer’s pals were likewise pleased by the pregnancy rumors.

The couple’s pregnancy journey was allegedly difficult. Given her age, Stefani had to do more than the normal individual to prepare her body for motherhood.

According to a source, she was committed to eating well, taking yoga, acupuncture, and everything else that might help her conceive, and Shelton allegedly despised seeing her despair everytime they had a negative test.

However, according to rumors, the singer’s efforts paid off, and her purported pregnancy was the product of her prayers and commitment. According to the insider, the country singer cannot disguise his joy; he has already begun preparing their houses in Los Angeles and Oklahoma for the new arrival, and he loves his wife crazy.

Shelton apparently spends his vacation time constructing the new baby’s room. He is apparently hoping for a girl because Stefani has three boys, and the country singer allegedly purchased pink cowboy boots and a matching cowboy hat to prepare for the prospective baby girl.

Shelton and Stefani haven’t verified the pregnancy rumors, but it’s not the first time the couple has been linked to a pregnancy.

Since the beginning of their relationship in 2016, the pair has been asked about starting a family together, but Stefani has declined, saying it is too early to think about children. A magazine was almost confident in 2017 that Stefani was showing off a baby bump, but it turned out to be false.

In an interesting response to the pregnancy rumors circulating in 2020, Shelton quipped that he was too busy working while Stefani was giving birth to twins.

Despite Shelton’s amusement at the prospect of him and Stefani bearing kids, he has shown to be a decent father figure to her 3 kids.

Shelton, who was nurtured by a stepfather, worked hard to guide his stepsons. His wife even admitted that she occasionally encourages him to rush home and help her with the kids.

The country music artist has stated that he takes his duty as a stepfather “extremely seriously.” Shelton taught his stepchildren to fish, ride ATVs, and cook.

Being a stepfather, according to the “Country’s God” hitmaker, taught him that he was “more than simply a country singer” and that there are more crucial things in life than continual labor.

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