Blind Neighbor Asked For Too Many Favors So He Decided To Lie That He Moved Away.

Blindness is not an easy affliction to live with. Treat them with respect. However in this story a blind man unknowingly started asking for favours quite often which disrupted his routine. Read the story to know what happens and let us know your views about it.

Source: Reddit

Many years ago, I was standing on one of my balconies when a taxi driver was obnoxiously blowing his horn out front and yelling for a blind man to “walk toward my voice” from his own townhouse. That direction was toward traffic. My roommate and I went down and helped him to the taxi and scolded the driver for being so rude. I made the mistake of giving the blind neighbor my phone number so that I could give him a ride in the future.

Then the phone calls came… and never stopped. And when I gave him a ride, he would ask for various detours. I’m very calculated by nature, if he had told me beforehand where he wanted to go, it would be cool, but no… we’d be driving along and he’d throw in 2 – 3 extra places on each ride. And it came to be every day that he wanted rides… and he’d even call me to remind me to give him a ride, not that was ever late or backed out.

Finally I had enough, so I gauged how blind he was. His response was that he was “blind as a bat”. A week or two after he said that, I told him I had a job interview in the next city. A week after that, I told him I got the job and was moving away in a month. After I “moved away” It was strange as hell walking by him in silence as he stood on the sidewalk. Did I go too far here? Please don’t be afraid to criticize. Here are a few comments on the story where it was originally posted: 

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