Blind Woman Creates Sculptures That Are A SIGHT TO BEHOLD.

Imagine a world without your sight. Complete darkness always. How well would you do with that? Some do very well, and here are 10 inspiring stories of the blind.

1. Branwyn Owens is blind, but that certainly does not take away from her extreme talent of creating beautiful artwork.

44-year-old Branwyn, of Yorkshire, used to draw and paint all the time, and now she uses her sense of touch to create her outstanding sculptures.

She lost her sight in 2014 when her brain started suddenly bleeding. Doctors do not believe she will ever be able to see again.

2. Brothers Bradford and Bryan Manning suffered an eye disease during their childhood, causing both of them to lose their vision. But they both maintain that because of that, they are more driven.

They have launched Two Blind Brothers clothing company, which produces clothes with a purpose… and that purpose is to cure blindness, with 100 percent of the profits going to that.

3. Ronald Diamini was known as “The Black Mamba” when he fought in mixed martial arts matches in the ring. He’s a former South African champion, but now he’s blind.

And even though that blindness ended his sports career, he continues to train every day and refuses to let the loss of his sight define him.

Ronald was in a coma for 10 days after suffering severe headaches. When he awoke, he could not see. He now helps other blind people stay fit and guides them through self-defense techniques.

Says Ronald: “Being blind cannot stop you from being successful.”

4. Charlotte Brown is a teenager in Austin, Texas. When she was 11, her already deteriorating vision got a lot worse. And now she can barely make out traces of light. But even with that, she did not want to stop pursuing her dreams of being an athlete.

So she pushed herself… and pushed herself, and in 2015, at age 17, she won the bronze medal for pole vaulting in the Texas state high school championships.

Says Charlotte: “…It’s not about pole vaulting and it’s not about track. It’s about finding something that makes you happy despite whatever obstacles are in your way.”

5. 8-year-old Amelia, who is blind, wanted to give her classmates something very special on Valentine’s Day. Using her Braille typewriter, she created hearts with messages on them in Braille, so her classmates could identify with her and her classmates loved them.

Amelia, who lost her sight to cancer as an infant, is quite an extraordinary little girl. She plays the violin, takes swimming lessons and was learning to ride a unicycle.

6. In Dublin, Ireland, 26-year-old Claire Shorten is a teacher at a girls’ secondary school. And she’s blind. In fact, she is Ireland’s ONLY blind teacher. And she is now working at getting her Master’s Degree.

Says Claire: “I’m loving it so far, I’ve let the girls know I’m blind and try to have fun with it, they all seem very respectful and polite.”

Claire lost her vision when she was in college and started having migraines. She had a brain tumor, and although it was removed, her vision completely left her.

But she remains determined, saying “I’m not going to let anyone tell me I can’t.”

7. In Newton, Massachusetts, 17-year-old football player Aaron Golub, who is blind, says there is nothing that a person can’t accomplish… with or without vision. And he proved that by being offered a spot on the Tulane University team.

Aaron is a long snapper, and has worked hard for several years perfecting his speed and accuracy.

Says Aaron: “If you set your mind to it, then you can do it.”

8. A Dutchman, by the name of Sven, loves to play video games, and last year he competed in the Street Fighter tournament… and won.

Winning these matches is pretty tough for a regular person, but Sven is completely blind, which makes his victories all the more impressive.

He plays using a headset, listening to different sounds that make up each fighter’s moves. Cancer took Sven’s sight when he was 5.

9. In rural China, two men are very close – practically like brothers – and they help each other out whenever they can.

For the past 10 years, they have planted trees on the land they both lease from the government.

Wenqi, is a double arm amputee, and he leads the way for Haixia, who is completely blind.

Says Haixia: “I am his hands, he is my eyes. We are good partners.”

10. Feifei Lin and her husband, Yi Tang are clinging to hope that their infant daughter’s eyesight can be saved. Little Lulu has retinoblastoma, tumors in both of her eyes, and doctors in China give her vision very little chance, and even wanted to remove her eyes. But her parents didn’t want that, especially since both Feifei Lin and Yi Tang are blind themselves.

So Lulu’s parents brought her to New York for procedures that will hopefully restore the little girl’s sight. And even though it is very expensive, the family is doing everything it can in the hopes that Lulu will grow up seeing the world around her. 

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