Boss Asked Employee Will He Split His Raise With The Woman Colleague As She Was Denied.

Being generous can make the world a beautiful and happy place to live in. Being kind hearted can bring immense happiness and joy to both the receiver and the giver. In the world of corporate where there is always competition and trying to let the other down, here is a great and refreshing story. (This story was sent to us by Parker).

Source: Reddit

I feel sick about this but know I made the right decision. My boss approached me last week after my employee review and informed me that I would be receiving a substantial raise. I was ecstatic and elated because I worked so hard last year and our profits reflected my time and hard work.

My position holds equal rank to another employee at the company (we are both in top management) and for years we’ve made the same salary. However, earlier this week she informed me that after her review she was not offered a raise. Working alongside her I have been witness to her working just as hard as me and being an asset to our company as well.

I felt terrible for her but recognized it was not my place to have an opinion as I am not her boss. However, this morning our boss approached me requesting a meeting in which he informed me that he was unable to offer her a raise because he offered what was left of the budget all to me.

He then proceeded to inform me that unless I split or gave up some of my raise – she would not get one. I split it equally with her and she was very grateful. I know I did the right thing but part of me wonders why I wasn’t more selfish in this decision since it wasn’t my responsibility, it was my bosses. 

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