Boss Overheard When This Customer Warned His Employee To Get Her Fired From The Job.

Source: Reddit

Older lady comes to the register with 30 jars of pickled onions.

Lady: all of these are out of date!

Me: confused because those just came in: I’m sorry?

Lady: these are all out of date! I checked them all and look they’re 6 months out of date. What kind of shop are you running?

Me: could you pass me one please?

Lady: huffs and slams one down on the counter, I think it’s despicable that the staff here aren’t doing their job, Just disgraceful!

Me: having read the dates on the jar and immediately realising what’s happened: oh I see, if you look just here the date you were looking at was the production date, the best before date is just below it.

Lady: I know how to read a date!

Me: it’s very easy to misread the label on these but I assure you they’re well within date (it’s not easy to misread, very clearly says production on the first line and best before on the second)

Lady: How could you be so rude? I’m going to call corporate and have you fired!

She left in a huff and my boss (and the owner of the company) who had watched the whole thing burst out laughing.

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