Boss Sells His Restaurant To Pay Employee’s Medical Bill.

9 bosses who went above and beyond.

1. When Montgomery, Texas, restaurant owner Michael DeBeyer found out one of his young employees was suffering from a brain tumor, he did the unthinkable… he actually put his restaurant…. something he has owned for the past 17 years, up for sale to help cover the medical costs of 19-year-old Brittany Mathis.

Her doctors found a tumor in her brain the size of a ping-pong ball… and she does not have insurance. Brittany’s father, John, died of an undetected brain tumor at the age of 33. Michael was hoping to get $2 million for his restaurant to take care of Brittany’s expenses.

2. In Taiwan, Jennifer’s parents highly disapproved of their daughter’s relationship with another woman. And they outright refused to attend Jennifer’s marriage to her.

But Jennifer’s boss, John Li, who is the CEO of HSBC Taiwan, fully supported Jennifer, and even stepped up to walk her down the aisle when that big day came.

3. Car salesman Mike Bell of McKinney, Texas, didn’t feel too awful bad at work, but he sure felt dizzy. That’s when his boss, Gus Rodriguez came up to him and told him he looked like hell and to take the day off and go see a doctor.

Mike took Gus’ advice. A few hours later, Mike was in the hospital for an x-ray when he collapsed. He was then rushed into emergency surgery. He had a tear in his aorta, causing his lungs to fill with blood. The surgery was successful, and he spent months at home recovering. Doctors told Mike if he had remained at work, he would have certainly died.

And all the while Mike was recovering, Gus checked in on him and his family to make sure they were doing ok.

4. Pret A Manger is a sandwich shop in the United Kingdom. And, of course, it also serves up coffee. Clive Schlee is the chief executive there, and he’s come up with an idea that he sure hopes goes over well. He wants all of his servers to give free coffees to people they like the best, or even, people they would want to take home.

The company was doing very well, so, Clive figured, it was time to give a little something back to the customers.

5. Chieh Huang is the co-founder and CEO of the wholesale delivery service called Boxed. And he loves his employees. So he wants to do something pretty darned nice for them. He wants to pay the college tuition of all of his employees’ children.

Says Chieh: I am nothing without the folks who work with me.”

And Chieh is not using funding from anywhere else… he’s using his own money to take care of four years of tuition.

6. Savjibhai Dholakia runs a diamond exporting firm in India. He announced a pretty big giveaway for his employees in late 2016. He decided to giveaway 1,260 cars, 400 apartments and several pieces of fine jewelry.

Says Savjibhai: “Our aim is that each employee must have his own home and car in the next five years. So we have decided to gift cars, homes and jewelry to employees.”

He did something similar two years earlier, giving away nearly 500 cars and just over 200 apartments.

7. In 2017, Ian Lucas treated all of his 42 employees to an all-expenses paid, 3-day vacation to beautiful Marbella, Spain.

Lucas, known as “Britain’s Best Boss” at the travel company Red7, also wanted to do something very special for two of his employees in 2018, as they were preparing to celebrate their 10th anniversary with the company.

For their hard work and dedication, Ian sent Sadie Ball to the coastal paradise of Bentota in Sri Lanka, and Viki Baines to the Caribbean.

8. As workers were coming back from their Chinese New Year’s holiday in Foshan, their boss stood on the atrium balcony of the unnamed company and threw out wads of cash.

The employees went nuts! But then again, if cash was falling from the sky, wouldn’t YOU make a scramble for it? Of course you would.

The boss was throwing out the cash as a gesture to welcome his employees back from their holiday.

9. Tia Benbow worked for the Firestone Complete Auto Care in Columbia, South Carolina. And she loved her job, but she was going to have to quit it because she could no longer afford the lengthy drive to and from work. But her boss, Charlie Brown, and other employees did not want to lose Tia, because she was such a valued worker…. and person.

So they got together, pooled their money, and presented Tia with $1,300 to help with the commute expenses.

It was definitely a shining moment for a boss and his employees to help another worker out. And Tia… was overwhelmed. 

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