Boss Wants To Fire The New Girl Because Of Her Looks.

A positive attitude in the workplace is vital for keeping one’s staff motivated and engaged at work. To be a successful team, everyone must be treated with respect and understanding. But what if the boss is more concerned with a person’s appearance than with the quality of their work? A similar problem exists with this firm. Read the entire narrative and consider what you would do in such a circumstance.

Source: Reddit

We have a new girl at work and I was assigned to teach her how to do her job. She is very fast at learning and very careful and clean. She is working very nicely and I am really proud of her. She managed to learn in 2 days what others learn in 3 months. I was excited and happy for her. Always showed her my support and told her she is doing a great job!

Yesterday my boss called me aside and told me that he doesn’t want to see this girl next week and will fire her because she “is ugly” and every time he passes through her table he “wants to vomit”.

Excuse me, bro? Are we a fotomodel agency?

This is a warehouse. A f**king WAREHOUSE.

My boss wants all the girls to be “beautiful and fit” not ugly. Holy f**k!

I got so angry! Holy sh*t!

Now, for a few months we had a guy that would stink! This guy would f**king stink from 10 metres away. Not one time there was a dispute or even a meeting about men needing to wash themselves.

Now I have this amazing girl that does a great job and the f**king boss doesn’t like her. But no problem about the stinking guy that made us all literally vomit during summer days.

A lot of questions got through my head, like “so this guy put me in this position because I have a f**kable face? Not because of my diplomas and experience?”

This poor girl is trying her best to make a fair living in this s**t hole of society and this f***king guy at my work wants to screw her life because “she is ugly”. 

Now about this guy,he looks like he has 2 sticks up in his a** (aka very thin legs), HUGE beer belly, he is bald and has the neck like that guy from 90dayfiance. But y’all he is 1,83 and “women love that” according to him.

Should I report him to HR?

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