Boy And His Stuffed Wolf Went Into Surgery Together.

9-year-old Joshua Wade was a little nervous as he awaited an endoscopy at Children’s Hospital Colorado. But he was actually even MORE concerned that his favorite stuffed animal, named Wolf, had a hole in his right leg. So he begged his doctor, Christine Hurtado, to please fix Wolf’s leg.

His parents were somewhat dismayed by their son’s request, so they quickly told him that that was not what they were there for, and that the doctors were only there to help HIM and not his stuff animal, and they would take care of Wolf’s “injury” when they got back home.

But some doctors… some very GOOD doctors, can perform procedures outside their normal scope of duties. When young Joshua awoke from his surgery, he found Wolf lying right next to him, and the hole in Wolf’s leg was all fixed up. Christine’s group of dedicated professionals at the hospital had taken on the project of stitching up Wolf while Joshua was knocked out during his procedure.

Says his doctor, Christine: “I saw Joshua a few minutes after he’d woken up. He was still pretty sleepy but he was very excited. He was full of smiles and happy with his wolf. If a kiddo comes in and makes a big deal over a doll or teddy bear with a boo boo, I’ll fix them up. We want them to feel like a loved one is going through something similar. It distracts them.”

Joshua’s dad, Kevin, posted a photo on Facebook of Wolf next to his son. And he was very touched by the doctor’s kind gesture, saying: “Joshua spent his initial moments in recovery focusing on his wolf rather than any discomfort from his procedure. Fighting back tears I thanked the doctors and nurses. It was such a sweet gesture by busy, but caring professionals and I will never forget it. Neither will my little boy.”

And that’s a wonderful sentiment about busy professionals going the extra mile for a very impressionable young man. 

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