Boy Bought His Own Grocery And Wasn’t Allowed To Use Their Salt At His Father’s House

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16M here. My dad married my step mom just about a year ago. She didn’t want me to live here and want me gone. I’ve insisted that I should stay as I don’t want to live with my mom (her husband is a piece of work…) so we’re always clashing.

She announced last month that she wouldn’t allow me to eat anything she cooks, or cook anything that she buys and I should arrange my own food completely separately (down to the ingredient level, including salt!) because I’m not her problem to deal with. This is annoying but anyway, I can handle it and I didn’t want to act entitled so I started buying and cooking my own food. We’ve been going like this since then.

Her sister had an accident a few days ago and on the day of the accident step mother texted me in the afternoon saying she’s bringing the sister’s children over and they’ll arrive around midnight, asked me to buy groceries and snacks and make a late dinner for them. I never replied to her and didn’t do anything. I have to say that while for a few hours it didn’t look good for her sister and had to go into surgery it ended up being successful and she will thankfully make a full recovery.

They came, she noticed there’s no food and they indeed were hungry so she was angry at me and I told her that it’s not my problem to deal with… and she said I’m being a jerk and I said takes one to know one. She ended up ordering Pizza.

My dad told me that I was out of line and I should have just done what she wanted me to do because it was an emergency, and I should have done a favor for her and it would have gone a long way to improve our relationship. I told him that our relationship has always been hopeless because she hated me for no reason so there’s nothing I can do that can make her hate me any less and at this point I’ve accepted it and don’t care anymore. He said it’s not true and I’m now grounded.

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