Boy Buys A Bicycle For The Gas Station Attendant From His Savings.

In KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa, Mandy Fish stopped into a gas station to fill up her car. Her 10-year-old son, Vaughn, was in the car with her, and he was pretty sick that day. But a station attendant, named Tony, came out to greet them. And within a minute, he put a big smile on Vaughn’s face with some of the things he said to him, and the two quickly became the best of friends.

Says Mandy: “Since then we regularly visit the station and Vaughn eagerly looks out for his new friend. Tony always takes the time to talk to Vaughn about the various bikes we haul to Giba and back and listens so obligingly to him as he chatters away.”

One day, as Tony and Vaughn were talking, Tony asked the youngster if he could keep an eye out for him for a reasonably priced bicycle… that he would like to buy one himself. Vaughn promised Tony that he would. But a few days later, Vaughn asked his mom if he could use his own money that he had saved up to buy his buddy Tony a bike. He said he would rather buy his friend a bike than use it for vacation, for which it was intended.

So they cracked open Vaughn’s piggy bank and there was just enough there to buy that special gift for Tony. Then Vaughn went to see his friend and presented him with the new bike. Well Tony could just not believe it.

Later that night, Mandy posted this on Facebook: “Our children make us proud on so many occasions but today my heart and his is so full of the joy at the kind man’s face as he, rather stunned, accepted his gift from this 10-year-old boy.” 

Above all things I regard kindness of heart, and over the years I've tried to live like that and teach my child to do…

Posted by Mandy Moo Fish on Thursday, 24 January 2019

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