Boy Dies From Rare Bone Cancer Leaving Family Devastated | “He Waited For Mommy To Sleep Before Taking His Last breath”

An eight-year-old kid died when it was determined that his limp was caused by a deadly kind of cancer. Chandler died of cancer on Friday morning following a seven-month battle, and his family opted to stop therapy.

Chandler’s father, Cong Tran, expressed that while Chandler was dying and in agony, he was more worried about ensuring his family was safe while he died. Chandler decided to leave them quietly in his sleep at 2 a.m. on Friday, November 25, 2022, said Mr. Tran. He waited until everybody had said their goodbyes that day, and then for mummy to go to sleep, before taking his final little breath.

Chandler’s leg was removed months later after physicians recommended 29 weeks of chemotherapy and surgery to treat his disease. Cong, his dad, revealed that the hospital ward became his home. The nurses were well-versed in all there was to know about him.

After nearly six months in the hospital, doctors informed Chandler’s family that the tumors had grown, and his parents made the difficult decision to discontinue therapy, and Chandler returned home. Chandler chose to leave them softly in his sleep on Friday, November 25 at 2 a.m., according to his family in a GoFundMe statement.

More than $100,000 has been received through a GoFundMe page put up to aid the family with medical and burial expenses. Tran earlier said in November that the family originally assumed their baby had merely bumped into something when they discovered the pea-sized bruise on his thigh. It was Good Friday, and he had just returned home from vacation care, and they saw he was limping a little, Tran added.

They assumed he had hurt his knee or shin on something, yet he claimed nothing had occurred. He was probing a little lump on his leg about the size of a pea. He touched it and it was very solid, yet it wasn’t causing him any discomfort, so they decided to sleep on it and see what occurred overnight.

Tran took his youngster to Sydney’s Fairfield Hospital for an X-ray and an MRI scan. Chandler was diagnosed with osteosarcoma, a rare kind of bone cancer, in his leg, as well as malignant lesions on his lungs, on May 4.

Chandler was placed on a limb salvage plan and began chemotherapy to try to save his leg. Unfortunately, the disease advanced, and as his leg worsened, his family was forced to make the terrible choice to amputate above the knee. They told Chandler everything, and he was really understanding and knew precisely what was going on, Tran added.

Rest in peace Angel. May the family find strength to bear this painful loss.

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