Boy Had To Pay His Classmate For Not Bullying Him At School.

A kind act can change any mean person into changing his bad actions. The rude individual might turn out to be a better person. There is good within each one of us and people.  All you need to do is give love and show that you care. 

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He made my life a living hell. He would turn all the boys in class against me and bully me about my eyebrows. One time he begged me to buy him pizza and said he promises not to bully me all week if i do. So I bought him a box of pizza and he fulfilled his promise.

I loved the idea. I began to do it on a regular basis. I started asking him every Friday what he wants next week so that the bullying doesn’t happen again. He asked for 2 bags of hot fries (a potato chip flavor here in the US) and another time he wanted some milk from the cafeteria. And once he asked for colored pencils for art class.

My school had a uniform dress code. It was $25 per shirt and the pants were $15, if I remember correctly. He showed up the first day of 8th grade in regular clothes, a tee and jeans. So he got sent to the main office to wait for his parents.

My aunt was there because she used to drop off my lunch and hand me money to buy food after school. She saw him upset and asked what’s wrong and he starts crying lightly. His parents wouldn’t come because they couldn’t afford the uniform and decided it would be best to avoid the situation.

After my aunt hands me my lunch, she buys him a uniform hoodie, a couple of tees, and a long sleeve. He said he had pants at home and he was hesitant to accept but eventually took them and thanked her.

Now (13 years later) he runs a nonprofit that has something to do with kids receiving books. I think it’s sweet and I forgive him for being a bully because he didn’t grow up to be an idiot like most bullies.

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