Boy Needs Advice As His Stepmom Keeps Using His Girlfriend As A Babysitter Whenever They Are Together.

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I’m 18m. My girlfriend Shannon is 17f. We met because my stepmom Lindsey 25f hired her to babysit for my half sister who’s 4. It was never a nannying type situation, just random nights out here and there starting when my sister was like 2. Me and my girlfriend had always kinda known each other from school but never really hung out, we started talking when she’d be over watching my sister, eventually we started dating and it’s been great since then.

The issue is my stepmom seems to think Shannon is now at her beck and call whenever Shannon is over, which is a lot. She’ll just be like….oh Shannon I’m just running out to get my nails done, you don’t mind keeping an eye on Remi do you? Or if Shannon stays over on a weekend she’ll walk into the room really early and wake up Shannon and be like oh I just want to run out while she’s still sleeping, I’ll be right back” and then be gone until 2 or 3.

Shannon needs to stick up for herself and say no, but when Lindsey just comes in and doesn’t even ask she just says “oh you wouldn’t mind would you” she says she just freezes up and says yes because if she says no it will be like her saying yes she does mind watching my sister, which she thinks gives off the wrong impression. I’ve tried talking to my stepmom about it and she just says “don’t be silly, Shannon doesn’t mind at all”. Even when I tell her straight up Shannon doesn’t want to be her on-call babysitter 24/7.

So what’s ending up happening is that whatever plans me and Shannon have get screwed, we just hang out at home, and then when I have to go to work or practice (which is why my stepmom knows she can’t count on me for childcare) Shannon is stuck at my house for hours with my sister.

When I found out I was going to have a sibling I was happy but I also made it clear I’m not a babysitter. My sister is a really cool kid. We vibe hard. I love hanging out with her and obviously some of the times we hang out it’s just me and her like when we go to the park and movies and sh%t but that’s not babysitting that’s just hanging with my sister.

I tried to talk to my dad and stepmom that except for times when they talk to Shannon about it beforehand, it’s not fair to just spring it on her. Lindsey says that Shannon is agreeing to it, so it’s fine. My point is the situation is too awkward for Shannon and she feels like she can’t say no, Lindsey keeps saying I’m ridiculous. Hanging out at Shannon’s house isn’t really an option, for reasons I’m not even going to go into here.

What should I do? What do you think about this situation?

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