Boy Refused For A Kidney Transplant Since He Is Homeless.

In Colorado, 13-year-old Damien was in desperate need of a kidney transplant. But there was a problem for him having one. He was homeless, and if you’re homeless, you’re not eligible for a transplant.

Damien was in the foster care system and there was no placement available for him. He was in the hospital about as much as he was in school. When his math teacher, Finn Lanning, learned about young Damien’s problems with the transplant, Finn decided to do something about it. He adopted the young boy so he would be eligible to receive that kidney transplant.

Says Finn: “As I learned more about his story and what he was facing and what his needs were and why they weren’t being met, it just became really hard for me to look the other way.”

With Finn adopting Damien, the boy was moved to the top of the waiting list. Damien is on a strict diet and has put something of a financial burden on Finn. So Finn launched a GoFundMe Page to take care of Damien.

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