Boy Saves His Mother’s Life By Donating His Organs.

Chen Xiaotian was only five when a malignant tumour was discovered in his brain, soon after his 34-year-old mother Zhou Lu was told she had kidney disease.

For two years they fought off their physical issues the best they could. Then Chen lost his sight and became bed-ridden. He would soon die. But he was a match for his mom’s, kidney’s. Doctors knew that and talked to the young boy’s grandmother about it.

Says the grandmother 57-year-old Lu Yuanxiu: ‘They told me that my grandson would not survive but his kidneys could help his mother and also save two other lives as well. I discussed it with Zhou and she refused point-blank, she absolutely didn’t want to hear any talk of that happening,’.

But when the young boy overheard the dilemma, he pleaded with his mother to let him save her and through her tears, his mother accepted it.

Before the transplant the medical team held a brief moment of prayer in silence for young Chen.

Zhou was understandably distraught after her operation, but she did take comfort in knowing that, a part of her son would always be with her.

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