Boy Starts Selling Drawing To Do Something Special For Sick Brother.

Brothers… we have an amazing bond with our brothers. And it’s one that will last our lifetime, and here are 5 stories of young brothers.

1. Like many young boys, 10-year-old Haden likes to draw. So he set up a table in his front yard in Lincolnton, North Carolina, and he put up a sign, saying that he would sell each of his drawings for a dollar.

But, unlike most young artists, he’s not doing it to make money for himself. He’s doing it to raise money so he can buy his young brother, Max, some toys. 7-year-old Max has a rare nerve disorder that makes his life very uncomfortable. He also has some tumors.

Says the boys’ mother, Cynthia Davis: “Anything you can imagine going wrong is affected. He has tumors, migraines, neuropathy, seizures, muscle weakness…the list just keeps going and every day he gets a little worse.”

When Haden realized how sick his little brother was, he moved the mattress from his bedroom into Max’s room. And the boys have been very close ever since.

Since he started selling his artwork, he has raised about $100, and the boys have used it to buy Legos and other toys that that can play together.

Says Haden about his brother: “I just want him to be happy. If he’s happy, I’m happy.”

2. In Hobbs, New Mexico, family members talked about their financial concerns over little Kaden Witulski needing to have heart surgery. Kaden’s 9-year-old older sister, Addison, overheard them talking about it. So she decided to do something to help.

Addison and her friends, Erica and Emily, put up a lemonade stand and even drew pictures to sell like the young man in our previous story did.

Even local police officers stopped by to buy some lemonade and pictures. And in a very short time, young Addison had raised more than $500 to go toward the surgery for her little brother.

Says her grandmother, Kim Allred: “I’m so proud of these nine-year-old little kids… to do this and to just hand me over this money instead of wanting to go and buy stuff for themselves. I cannot explain… I’m just, I’m so grateful. She is a sweetheart, I mean this girl, she helps me more than I help her at times.”

The family also created a GoFundMe page for Kaden, which has raised more than $3,500.

3. 4-year-old Michael DeMasi Jr. is a superhero… and he knows it. Because when it comes to real-life superheroes…. he most surely is one.

His 4-month-old twin brothers, Sonny and Gio, were born with a rare immunodeficiency disease, and they desperately needed a bone marrow transplant. Brother Michael was a match, and he quickly said that he wanted to save his brothers, even though he KNEW that entailed a long needle extracting marrow from a bone near his hip.

His parents did not push him into doing it at all… it was all up to Michael. Not a problem, he said. Certainly not a problem for a young superhero. Two months after the procedure, the twin boys were released from the hospital. And Michael now considers himself in the same ranks as some of HIS superheroes… like Captain America, Spider-Man, Batman and Superman.

And that’s exactly where young Michael belongs.

4. They call it “brotherly love” for a reason. There was a youth triathlon near Boise, Idaho, and 6-year-old Lucas Aldrich really wanted to be a part of it. But there was no way he could; he was confined to a wheelchair because of a rare brain malformation.

His 8-year-old brother, Noah, wasn’t about to let his little brother’s condition keep him from enjoying this, so he made it happen. He pulled and pushed his brother through all of the triathlon events – running, swimming and biking.

Noah trained for almost three months with his brother before the big event. And when they crossed the finish line to the huge applause from the crowd, the announcer could say only one word: “Extraordinary.”

Says mom Alissa: “They have an amazing bond. They’re best friends and they do everything together. The connection and the love that they share is truly unique.”

5. Rafa’s brother, Erick, has Down Syndrome. And Rafa knows how tough life has been for his little brother. But he pushes through and overcomes obstacles.

So one day, Rafa had a large tattoo put on his arm of a lion. Inside that lion’s mouth is Erick’s face. When he showed it to his brother, he was amazed… so much so that he even gave his brother a kiss.

A video of Rafa showing the tattoo to his brother went viral, with more than 10,000 likes and more than 1,400 shares.

Says one commenter: “One of the most beautiful tattoos I’ve ever seen.”

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