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Boy unable to smile after ‘sweet’ dog ripped off his cheek in bed

A young child is unable to smile after his favorite dog ripped off his cheek as they were watching a Disney movie in bed.

On January 8, Brantley Manion, five, was attacked on by Marley, a Mountain Cur English pointer cross. Amanda Dally of Wentzville, Missouri, claimed she and her husband Christopher, 34, were awakened by screaming emanating from his bedroom.

She explained that they went in there, and they had to pull Marley off him. She wouldn’t stop, and she was rather violent. She was on Brantley, and they couldn’t see him. Brantley was laying there keeping his face together as Christopher yanked her off. She had slashed his face; it had been a wild night.

Amanda, 35, stated that the three-year-old dog’s brutal assault left the right side of Brantley’s face dangling. Due to broken ligaments, his mouth is paralyzed on one side.

Amanda explained that it was completely shredded, so one could see his teeth through his cheek. There was blood all over Marley and on the bed. She had no idea how the assault occurred because she described Marley as “the kindest,” adding that she was “very protective.”

After a three-hour procedure, Brantley’s lacerations were patched up.

Amanda stated that she has no idea how many surgeries Brantley would require in the future. And she’s not sure if he’ll be traumatized forever. She continued that he needs additional surgery since he can’t grin. His mouth was entirely split in half, so doctors had to rejoin the corners. He can’t grin; it’s as though one half of his face has been paralyzed. However, the scarring isn’t that awful.

Brantley was only two years old when the family adopted Marley. He and his siblings Mckenzie, 13, Isabella, 10, and Wyatte, 10, had to persuade Christopher to acquire the dog. Christopher disliked dogs after being assaulted by a Siberian husky when he was younger.

Brantley argued that Marley did not want to harm him, but the family was compelled to put their dog down.

He was hospitalized for a week, and his parents were left with a $16,000 medical bill. The family has set up a GoFundMe campaign to aid with bills and is attempting to reach $1,000.

May the child cope up with this horrific incident soon.

Prayers and strength to the family. Share this story.

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