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Boy who always wished for a sibling finally holds precious rainbow baby brother.

A sibling is wonderful news for any youngster.

While some children may be envious of the focus, the majority of children fully embrace the responsibilities of being an older guardian.

The desire to have a younger brother or sister might sometimes motivate other parents to conceive. But what if they are unable to?

If Santa asks Mikey Marotta what type of gift he desires, he already has an idea.

No, it’s not a video game console, phone, or little automobile. Mikey would most certainly request a baby brother, according to his parents.

In fact, Mikey was so eager to become an older brother that he decided ahead of time what they’d dress as as brothers for Halloween. Whenever he received anything new or an extra of something, he would always set it away and “reserve” it for his brother.

He also advised his mother to consume buffalo wings since he believed it was the source of his ginger hair. He also wants his sibling to be the same hue as him this time.

However, becoming pregnant was not simple.

Jessica and Michael Marotta did everything they could to make Mikey’s dreams come true. Their efforts, however, were hampered by reproductive issues. The most heartbreaking aspect was when Jessica miscarried her baby in 2007.

When they realized their attempts were futile, they agreed to meet with Mikey. They emphasized to him during one of those heart-to-heart chats that it’s completely fine to be a family of three.

But it all changed in the summer of 2017.

Jessica discovered she was pregnant. However, one individual is far more ecstatic than both Jessica and Michael. Mikey teared up and was quite thrilled, according to Jessica. However, the family encountered further challenges.

The infant was found to be suffering from intrauterine growth restriction. C-section was required to deliver the baby. Mikey then spent his days in the NICU.

They were able to describe the significance of skin-to-skin contact there. Jessica used to hold Mikey to her skin when he was smaller, so she understands how strong this can be. So when Mikey was finally allowed to hug his brother, he was overcome with emotion.

Mikey would tenderly hold Jake near to his heart. Mikey understood he was capable of being a big brother, and now that he needed to demonstrate that aspect of himself, he was more than eager.

Since then, the two have become even closer.

Jessica revealed that anytime his younger brother heard his voice, he would turn his head and search for Mikey. Mikey was also the first person to make Jake grin.

And Mikey is never afraid to convey how much Jake, the best present he could possibly get, matters to him.

Take a look at how this youngster responded as he held his sibling for the first time.

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