Boy Who Raised Money For The Fallen Officer Through His Lemonade Stand Becomes VIP At The Funeral.

A little boy in Kokomo, Indiana, did something well beyond his years. The day after a Southport police officer was killed, Malachi Fronczak opened up a special lemonade stand. Whatever money he made from it would not go for him to buy something for himself. The money raised from it would go to support the family of the fallen officer, Lt. Aaron Allan, who was fatally shot when responding to a car crash.

When officers at the Southport Police Department heard about Malachi’s lemonade stand, they just had to visit with the young boy and buy some lemonade. It just touched their hearts, hearts that were so heavy with the loss of their fellow officer.

Says Police Chief Tom Vaughn, “For him to do it on his own, you know, you just choked down the tears.”

The next day, a police officer showed up at Malachi’s parents’ home, and he asked if all of the family could attend Officer Allan’s funeral in Indianapolis. Malachi and his family were extremely honored to be asked such a thing, and accepted the officer’s invitation.

On the morning of the funeral, police showed up at Malachi and his family’s home. The family drove to the service with one police car in front of them and one police car behind them, all the way to Indianapolis. When they arrived there, the family was given VIP parking, and Malachi was treated like a VIP. He met with several officers and Indiana Governor Eric Holcomb. More than 2,000 people attended the funeral, which was a public memorial, and the family cried along with everyone else.

Later that evening, Malachi’s family posted this on Facebook: “Malachi stood with the officers while the casket was brought out, saluted Lt. Allan, his wife smiled at Malachi on the way by then came by afterwards to thank him for all he’s done. What a sweet moment.”

That post was shared nearly 900 times and received more than 3,500 likes.

But before the young boy and his family headed back home from that very memorable service, Malachi dropped something off at the memorial. It was a bottle of the lemonade he had made in Lt. Allan’s honor.

The message he wrote in a nearby memorial book said: “Dropped off a bottle of lemonade. I’ll share it with you in heaven.” 

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