Boy with autism makes a call to 911 after losing teddy bear and a kind cop shows up

When you’re young and lose a favorite toy, it can be real bothersome. If you’re autistic, it can be devastating, and in some of these cases, police are called in to help.

12-year-old Ryan Paul of Woodbridge, New Jersey, is autistic. So it’s really no wonder that he became very upset when he lost his longtime friend, a teddy bear named Freddy. He was so upset over losing the stuffed animal that he phoned 911 the emergency number. After doing so, a police officer was at the family’s door in a very short time.

Officer Khari Manzini showed up to make sure that everyone in the household was safe. And with his help, Freddy was found… unharmed. Ryan gave the officer a big hug and thanked him for helping to find his precious friend. Manzini was dispatched to the scene because he was one of the officers who had taken special training in dealing with those with autism. And it came in very handy to him in this instance.

Along with having Freddy back, Ryan was able to do something else that made his day… he had his picture taken with a real police officer. And it was a good day for everyone. 

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