Boyfriend Asked His Pregnant Girlfriend To Leave Immediately. Proud Of His Decision.

Every relationship needs love, care, respect and understanding. If you do not get these genuine feelings from your partner it’s not worth being with him/her. Read the story to know what happened between the couple and what do you think the boyfriend should do?

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So I 27M have been together with my Girlfriend 26F for almost 8 years, our relationship was kinda rocky since I usually have to go on business trips to different countries once in awhile, and she’s admitted she hates it since she’s paranoid that I might be cheating on her, she’s gotten cheated before in the past. I, of course, reassured many times that I wasn’t.

Even to the point I was not drinking while on my trips, trying my best to avoid other female interaction, even calling, texting her anytime I was Immediately free to text. She’s also pregnant which I assume made her paranoia worse, sometimes I’d even wake up to her calling me crying on the phone cause I didn’t answer her texts within a minute. I still once again, did everything to clear her suspicions about me which made me kinda depressed knowing that she doesn’t trust me fully enough.

Last Tuesday, I came back home early from my trip to surprise her, even buying a big patch of flowers and tickets to a movie she’d been dying to see for a couple months as well as buying her a ring since I’ve been wanting to pop the question for awhile now. When I arrived back home I saw a car that I wasn’t familiar with parked in the driveway, I assumed it was her friend’s car since one of them got her license 9 months ago. As I opened the door to the house I heard music blasting from our bedroom, I thought this was a bit strange since she doesn’t like loud noises.

As I came upstairs and entered the bedroom, I saw something I thought I’d never seen in a million years. My girlfriend was riding some guy that i’d never seen before in my life, I’m not gonna go into details about what I did but the guy ended up leaving the house after 15 or 20 minutes. Afterwards me and my girlfriend had a shouting match, she was accusing me of all sorts of things like how I was never around much, I rarely took her on dates anymore and that I was probably cheating on her while on my business trips. Which is a f***ing lie considering I’ve always took her out somewhere when I came back from work even when I was tired as sh*t, and her accusing me of cheating was a f**king lie because I always showed her that I wasn’t, even gave her all my social medias password because I f***ing loved her.

I don’t know why but I just snapped, I packed all her belongings and threw them out into the cold rainy street where she started screaming at me even more for doing that, my head was hurting from the amount of anger that built up and her screaming in my ear didn’t help. Now I don’t condone what I did and I of course regret it, but I just grabbed her and threw her out into the street where I screamed at her to not come back because the locks would be changed. I slammed the door and called off work for 2 weeks due to a family emergency.

All week I’ve just done nothing but drink myself to sleep because I’m just so heartbroken. What should I do now?

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