Boyfriend Suspects His GF Might Be Cheating ‘Cause She Lied About Where She Was, But Things Take A Wholesome Turn.

Being in a relationship needs love, respect, trust and lots of communication. It’s amazing when you get those little surprises in a relationship. However at times to keep a surprise a secret you need to lie to your better half. In this story a boyfriend quickly recognised the pair was ensnared in a web of falsehoods, and something simply didn’t match up. However, in an unexpected turn of events, things turned out to be a lot more healthy than you may assume. Do read this happy story that will surely capture your heart.

Source: Reddit

I (28M) am planning on proposing to my girlfriend of 3 years (26F). Now, I suck at picking out jewelry. Im the type of guy that doesn’t see a problem with heart shaped jewelry (seriously why is it considered so ugly?) so every time I want to buy something for my girl, I usually consult one of our mutual friends. My girl’s best friends are all friends with me as well and we all get along well, so asking them for help picking out jewelry is something I’m used to.

When it came time to pick out a ring, I consulted my girlfriends best friend Justine (fake name). Justine and I are quite close and she knows my girlfriend better than anyone, including me. So, when my girlfriend when out to visit her sister and baby nephew, I invited Justine over to the house to help pick out a ring.

Justine and I looked through a few catalogues, but decided it was a dead end and it would be better to go to professionals at a jewelry store. However, I didn’t know when my girlfriend would be coming home, so Justine and I thought of a clever text to gauge how much time we had. I asked her when she’d be coming home, as I was ordering takeout and wanted to know when to tell them to have the food ready by.

She responded by saying it would be a few hours, she met up with Justine to go shopping. Now, obviously this took me by surprise since Justine was standing inside my house. I showed Justine the text, and she looked as confused as I was.

It isn’t out of the ordinary for my girlfriend to meet up with people out of the blue like that for shopping, lunch, etc. She’s a very spontaneous person and loves making plans on the fly. So ordinarily, I would have believed this text in a heartbeat. However, obviously this had to be a lie.

When she came home she acted completely normal, and I played along but it’s been really hard to act like everything’s fine. We got takeout, ate together, and cuddled on the couch after. So far she’s caught on a little that somethings upsetting me, but I just can’t tell her what. Looking at her kills me.

I don’t know what to do. My girlfriend and I have zero trust issues and we tell each other everything, so this lie is killing me. I want to ask her about it so bad, but if I tell her I knew she was lying, I’d have to explain why, and I really don’t want to do that. What do I do? I know she lied to me but I don’t know how to confront her about it. Should I just forget it? This won’t stop gnawing at me.

I finally decided to confront my girlfriend. I thought about using some of the lies people suggested, but they just wouldn’t make sense. To say I ran into Justine somewhere: well, I told my girl I had to stay home and do stuff around the house, and that’s why I couldn’t go with her to see my SIL. To say Justine was helping me pick out jewelry: it doesn’t make sense for her to come all the way to our house to help me pick out a piece of jewelry unless it was a serious piece of jewelry (like an engagement ring). If I just wanted to get her a piece of jewelry as a gift, I’d ask her friends for suggestions or ask them to send me pictures of jewelry she might like. It all happens over text. None of the excuses made sense. So, I decided to be honest.

I basically just said that I knew we’d been thinking about marriage and she probably knew a proposal was coming soon so I invited Justine over to help me find her the perfect ring, and that so happened to be the day that she said she was going to see her, so… what’s the deal?

She immediately started grinning like an idiot and prodding me about proposing and the ring, but then we got back onto the topic of where she was and she confessed what she was really doing. No, she wasn’t cheating, and no, she wasn’t picking out a ring for me (the amount of times that was commented was crazy).

So, some people are dog people and some people are cat people. Well, me, I’m a snake person. I grew up with snakes my whole life. But I never felt I was able to get one because my girlfriend has always been uneasy about living with a snake which I completely respected. Also, the process of buying and raising a snake is very different than that of buying and raising a dog or cat. It’s quite complicated. So you could imagine my surprise when my girlfriend showed me a picture of her holding the cutest Kenyan sand boa I have EVER SEEN!

Needless to say, my girlfriend was going to surprise me with a snake! We’re picking her up next week (let me know if you want a pet tax, she’s so cute). I definitely did not expect this and I feel bad for ruining the surprise, but oh well. Life is good! Sorry if this isn’t the ending you guys wanted or expected, just a snake haha.

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