Boyfriend Loses It When Girlfriend Decides To Keep Her Lottery Winnings ‘Under A Lock’ Until She Gets Professional Financial Advice.

Money, or more especially, enormous quantities of money, may have an odd influence on your friends and relationship. Winning the lottery is both a joy and a burden. Your loved ones may begin to regard you differently. In this story one woman described how much turmoil entered her life after winning one of the highest lottery jackpots. Read the story and share your thoughts on this.

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Recently, I (f26) have won quite lot of money in lottery. It’s not the main prize (it was one of the top 3 thouh) but it’s a life changing amount in my country. I grew up poor, very poor and while I worked my way up, my closest family is still struggling. I help but I cannot fix everything, well I couldn’t before.

My winnings were recently deposited into my bank account (completely separate from my normal one). I’m not touching that money until I have my meeting with my financial advisors that I hired. My plan is to use small amount of money to enjoy, use part to improve my family’s life (e.g. buy them flats that they can later on afford to upkeep but in safer place and of better quality) and invest the vast majority in different venture to ensure stream of revenue for years to come so I can live comfortably and help my family.

The only people that know are my closest family and my boyfriend, Andy (m30). We’ve been together for 7 months but we don’t live together. Andy has different plans. He basically came up with a list of items he needs and has been pressuring me into getting them before I even speak to my advisors. Basically, he wants a new car, stereotypically, he wants something a Tesla, which he absolutely doesn’t need. He wants us to move in together and for me to buy a house with a pool. He now started talking about kids, hat W etc an afford them, blah, blah, even though he knows that I am childfree.

I’ve been refusing every single request telling him that necessities come first and that money I should under lock and key until I speak with my financial advisors. He’s not very happy. He’s been calling me a Scrooge, telling him I don’t love him anymore, calling me a cheapskate. Worst of all, he now told every one of our friends about this and they’ve started pressuring me as well, asking me to fund nights out, etc. And they’ve been very cruel when I refuse, AH being almost a compliment. I’m devastated. Am I really an a**h**e in this situation? Am I A Jerk  for not wanting to spend frivolously?

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