Boyfriend Offered Drinks To The Man With Whom His Girlfriend Cheated.

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I (M24) arrived from my work 3 days ago to find my girlfriend laying in bed with another guy, my initial response was to freak out and ask what was going on. When I asked what my girlfriend was doing in bed with another guy, the guy flared up in disbelief, shaking and looking at me frantically before yelling out “HES YOUR BOYFRIEND?”

My girlfriend turns around to say she planned to tell him, I could only help but feel bad for him, he had no idea and she was the only one at fault here. Under rage and complete disappointment I had the urge to kick them both out, but I ended up only kicking out my now ex-girlfriend, I told the guy to calm down and told him to stick around, I assured him I wouldn’t hurt him and to prove that I offered him a beverage which he accepted. We ended up talking and it turns out she had mentioned she was single and had no plans for a commitment, at this point he was still panicking.

I’m obviously still furious, deep down even though I know he’s not guilty I still couldn’t look him in the eyes, yet I felt some sort of pity, I couldn’t just kick him out in his super awkward and uncomfortable moment, I managed to be nice by putting myself in his shoes.

He ended up leaving more relaxed and relieved. I didn’t intend on hurting him, it’s safe to say I’ll never see him again but I think I atleast made the right choice despite having my world upside down.

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