Boyfriend Refused To Leave Her After She Was Diagnosed With Cancer.

Jillian, who is only 25, was diagnosed with Stage 2 breast cancer. And, obviously, that was devastating for her. All those upcoming treatments were going to be extremely rough on her, and she wanted to let her boyfriend, Max, know that. And, in doing so, she also wanted to let him know that she would completely understand if he wanted to move on with his life without her.

But for Max, there simply was no other option; he was going to stick with her through everything. And he was in for quite a bit.

Jillian had surgery and 16 chemotherapy treatments. Max didn’t budge; he was right there with her every step of the way. But Max was not only with her. He would constantly give her words of encouragement, and he would always let her know just how beautiful she was.

And often he would take her out to the movies to get her mind off of things. And, after all of it, though it might be so daunting for many, Max and Jillian’s relationship became so much stronger. And then, almost before they knew it, Jillian was having her very last chemo treatment, a very special day. Now would be that next stage for Jillian… the healing. But just after that final treatment, Jillian got a very unexpected surprise, which would make it an even more special day. Max got down on one knee and proposed to her. And she said yes. It was a wonderful moment.

When a woman named Lauren, who owns a wedding planning company, heard about Max and Jillian, she donated her services to the couple. Lauren does this once a year to a deserving couple, and she felt Max and Jillian were definitely a deserving couple. It’s certain to be a day to be remembered.

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