Boyfriend Regret His Reaction Seeing His Struggling Girlfriend Undressed.

Every relationship has its ups and downs. However, a strong relationship is greatly aided by shared closeness on both a physical and an emotional level. Read this story to know why the boyfriend is upset with his own reaction toward his girlfriend and what are your thoughts on this.

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I really need to get this out of my chest and acknowledge my poor decision making. My girlfriend and I have been dating for 2 years currently. I’ve dated thrice and she is the only one who genuinely cared for me and helped me through my issues. She is close friends with my family and has even helped me financially. I definitely see her in my future.

Now my gf had mental health issues in the past which she worked through before going into a relationship with me. She knows how to manage her emotions well now and even helps me through bad days. Her struggle with self harm in the past is also something she confided in me about and I was indifferent about it.

Gf wanted to get to know each other well before we had sex so although we would get steamy it never progressed to sex because we wanted to develop our emotional connection for each other first. We finally decided to take it to the next level and so me and her both took a short leave from our respective jobs and booked a staycation. Today is day 3 of our staycation and we have been building up towards “having sex”. As she was undressed and in the bed I noticed scars(healed) on almost her whole body from breasts to inner legs. Because of the sudden visceral reaction I had I mumbled something along the lines of “Eurgh” and I think the discomfort on my face was apparent and she picked up on it.

I quickly snapped out and was trying to get us back in the mood but she said that it is not a good time and she wants to rest first. She said it nicely but I could see she was hurt and I felt really bad and I didn’t know how else to react so I just got dressed and laid beside her. I still feel terrible, she is sleeping and I’m hoping that once she wakes up we can go out and get something to eat. She definitely is the type of person to communicate but I think she just needs her space. I really love her a lot, I just hope she can forgive my poor foresight. What should I do? How can i make her feel comfortable?

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