Boyfriend Thought He Was Acting Immature Buying Soft Toys For Her.

Source: Reddit

I’m a cashier at a store at a ski resort. We have both groceries, little trinkets, souvenirs and stuffed animals. Last year, I witnessed a young man, maybe in his twenties, looking intently at our stuffed animals. He picked them up gently and squeezed them. He was so focused on his decision. As a stuffed animal enthusiast I totally understood. There is a “cuteness factor” a “realistic” factor and most importantly, the “cuddle” factor.

After a few minutes, I informed him that there were some other stuffed animals in the store he might want to check out. He said “My girlfriend really likes stuffed animals and we have them all in our bed. I know really immature right?” “Oh no! Not at all!” I said, as I also have a ton of stuffed animals in my bed. “I was looking to add a little diversity maybe. We have some bears and an elephant but I was looking for something a little different” he continued.

He did look at some other stuffed animals, holding two at a time comparing them against each other. I was able to ring up a few people and go out back to do some chores before he decided. He picked out a bear which I think was the right decision. It meant he knew what she wanted.

I was having a tough day and this put a smile on my face. I really appreciate the effort and care he put into picking out that stuffed bear. It was so sweet. I wish she could have seen the determination on his face when he picked up each little stuffed animal. Hopefully this story makes you smile too!

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