Boy’s Reason To Sit With His Mother In The Stands During The Game’s Half Time Will Melt Your Heart.

My 10 year old son was at basketball practice, waiting for the game to start. He had been hanging out with friends beforehand in the eating area. Two things happened.

1- He walked over to me (while we were in the eating area) and asked me to sit with him and his friends, so I “Wouldn’t be lonely”. I said “I’m fine honey, really”. Nope, he wouldn’t have it and made me come sit with him. And no, he is not shy. He is very social and popular.

2- during half time, a short 5 or 6 minutes when the other kids talk amongst themselves, he came up to the stands, gave me a hug and sat with me. Coach called him back down so sit with the team and said something like what are you doing? He must have said I miss her or something because he said “What?? You LIVE with her!” Everyone nearby just laughed, and my heart was just melted. It’s melted a lot.

Source: Reddit

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