Boy’s Request On His Birthday Gets WorldWide Attention.

10 stories where helping other causes were the actual presents.

1. When Carson Atkins of Hattiesburg, Mississippi turned 9, he could have asked for some really cool things for his birthday. Instead, he chose to take up a collection of donations at his birthday party so he could give it to the children of a fallen policeman.

Officer Benjamin Deen was killed in the line of duty, and Carson turned over all the money he collected to his children.

As a thank-you, several officers from the Lamar County Sheriff’s Department showed up to his party and presented him with law enforcement patches and medals.

And Deen’s brother, Josh, gave Carson, a big baseball fan, Deen’s baseball card collection.

2. Little Esme Aspland has everything she needs, said her mom, Rachel. So when the little girl turned 1, she was given about $500 worth of cat and dog food that could be donated to a local animal shelter on the Sunshine Coast.

Esme’s parents realized their little girl loved dogs, so this would be a good way to help what she loves. This was also about teaching their daughter generosity… and that’s something that should go a long way in her life.

3. In Cornwall, England, Toby Vogelbusch was preparing to turn 9. But instead bringing presents to his birthday party, Toby asked all of his friends to bring donations that he could take to the local food bank.

Toby had heard that the food bank shelves were getting bare, and badly in need of supplies. So, through his birthday, he was able to supply the food bank with pasta, cereals and other cans of food.

Needless to say, his parents were extremely proud of him.

4. Ya know, you’re never too young to be a nice person. When little Ivy Fijac of Melbourne was preparing for her fourth birthday, she asked guests to her birthday party to bring blankets, dog food, treats and toys that would be given to the North Melbourne Lost Dogs’ Home.

Ivy’s mom, Loryn, said her little girl has done this since her first birthday, but this birthday she actually understood what was going on… and she was thrilled by it.

The family was able to donate more than 40 blankets, about 6 big bags of dog food and plenty of toys and treats. Even many who were not invited to the party dropped off bags of blankets for the dogs. It’s good that kindness can be contagious.

5. Noah King was only in kindergarten, but he knew exactly what he wanted to do with his birthday money. He gave it all to the Ocoee Police Department in Florida. All $1,650.

He asked for donations and organized a fund-raiser at a pizza shop, and his mom, Cheryl, says he never keeps anything for himself. On his previous birthday, Noah donated $1,210 to the Ocoee Florida Fire Department.

6. Davis Trager of Charleston, North Carolina turned 5. But a few days before her birthday, she told her parents that she didn’t want any gifts; she told them she wanted to give food to those who don’t have any.

So her mom, Kelly, called the area food bank and had a special drive set up for Davis’ birthday. They were able to raise more than $600.

7. A few years ago, just after a major storm hit the Long Beach, California area, Tyler Fazzari, who was turning 9, asked that his friends donate money to help the area’s schools for his birthday.

And after representatives at the Teq company found out about Tyler’s efforts, they donated a Smart Document Camera and Smart Slate to an elementary school in the area.

That school’s principal presented Tyler with a big thank you card, signed by every student in the school.

8. When little India White found out her friend’s mom had breast cancer, she wanted to help. So she asked her friends coming to her birthday party not to bring presents, but money to give her friend’s mom.

She raised more than $180. Her dad, Manchester City star David White, also kicked in another $1,600. The money raised was used to get her friend’s mom to Germany for specialized treatment.

9. Addison Williams was turning 7, but she realized that some things were a lot more important than getting presents. A few days before her birthday, she came across a story on social media about Cooper Young, who barely weighed 2 pounds when he was born in Charleston. His outlook was not good.

So she asked friends attending her birthday party to forget the gifts and bring money instead, so she could donate it to the family for hospital bills.

Addison managed to raise $307, and Cooper’s family truly appreciated her thoughtfulness, donating to someone she did not even know.

10. In Pennsylvania, Liberty Miller was preparing for her 11th birthday. But when she found out about a sick puppy named Libre, she knew she had to do something.

Poor Libre was rescued from a Lancaster County farm. He was in real bad shape – emaciated with sepsis and mange. When he was taken to the Dillburg Veterinary Clinic, he couldn’t walk or even hold up his head for more than a second or two.

So, for her birthday party, Liberty asked her friends to give cash so she could donate it to the clinic to care for the poor puppy. She was able to raise more than $250, and presented it to Dr. Ivan Pryor at the clinic.

Choking back tears, the doctor said, “I didn’t know Liberty before this, but I’m just really proud of her.”

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