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Brave dad knocks out kidnapper to save his daughter at the park.

This story will leave you dumbfounded, particularly if you’re a parent.

That day will be remembered fondly by Freddie Cantrell. In Auburn, he resides right across the street from Regional Park. His children and ex-wife are frequent visitors who like outdoor activities. But something unusual happened that adulterous night, as his ex-wife and her husband were watching the kids.

He received a phone call from his ex-wife requesting that he come down immediately. She stated that somebody just tried to take their baby, Aubrey, remembers Cantrell.

As surprising as that may appear, it occurred in front of Natalie, her 6-year-old sister.

An anonymous person simply showed up and began pulling her. He tried to run over her and take her with him, Natalie recalls.

When the mother and her husband noticed this, they responded promptly. They were on the run, attempting to apprehend the criminal. Cantrell noticed them and began running in the other direction, knowing that this was the only way to catch him.

He had handcuffs wrapped around his fingers and attempted to use them on the father. He planned on making them look like brass knuckles and punching the father with them. The father had no choice but to act swiftly and knock him down, Cantrell recalls clearly.

Deputy County came on the site shortly after and arrested 26-year-old Yonel Hernandez-Velasco for attempted kidnapping and assault with a dangerous weapon.

They watch the news every day and are conscious of the awful events that occur to other individuals. They just hope it never happens to their kids, said April McGuinness, a neighboring neighbor and witness to the event.

He can’t image what would occur if the roles were reversed and he was the victim, the woman’s 11-year-old son stated. He generally come here by himself.

The news traveled quickly, and most of the residents surrounding Regional Park are relieved that the criminal is no longer on the streets.

He heard so many people thanking him and telling him, he’s a hero, he saved the child, and all he could think was, that little girl is his daughter, and he must protect her at all costs, Cantrell said.

Aubrey’s mom decided to film the incident and share it on Facebook. Her message went viral, with over 1,000 shares and hundreds of comments from concerned citizens around the country. The father’s courage was lauded.

It was unknown if Hernandez-Velasco was under the influence of drugs or alcohol. He was taken to the hospital and blood samples were obtained in order to identify him. He was transported to Auburn Jail shortly after and arrested on counts of attempted abduction and assault with a dangerous weapon. He will be held in detention until his bail of $1.2 million is paid.

More about this story may be seen in the video below.

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