Brave Mother Jumps On Her Back To Save Her Toddler From The Fire.

Good moms will always be protective of their children and many will go to extreme lengths to keep them safe and out of harm’s way. Here are 10 stories of hero moms.

1. It was just another normal day in Massachusetts as 23-year-old Christina Simoes was lying in bed watching TV with her 18-month-old son, Cameron.

Then she noticed something strange. Smoke was billowing up right outside her window. When she looked out, there were flames. She grabbed Cameron and ran to the door, but smoke filled the hallway. She felt they were trapped. Then she ran with Cameron to another bedroom and waited for a firefighter.

But none came quick enough. She knew she would have to take action herself. So, squeezing Cameron tight, she gave him a kiss, told him she loved him and jumped out the window. The fall broke a vertebra in her back and paralyzed her. Cameron was fine.

Says Christina: “It’s so worth it because he’s ok.”

2. In Colorado, screams alerted a mother to her front yard, where she found a mountain lion over her 5-year-old son, biting him.

She charged the mountain lion and pulled one of its paws. Then she seen her son’s head was in its mouth. Incredibly, she was able to pry open the mountain lion’s jaws and free her son.

She quickly scooped him up and ran inside her house. The boy suffered deep cuts to his head, face and neck. But police credited the mother with saving the boy’s life.

3. Perhaps you’ve heard of people developing super human strength in times of extreme danger. This could well be one of them.

Angela Cavello was a grandmother in her 50s and was watching her son, Tony, work underneath his car when the jack slipped and the car fell on him and knocked him out. Angela ran over, said a quick prayer and lifted the car off of Tony. An 11-year-old boy who was walking down the street heard her screams for help and called for others to help them.

Neighbors quickly got there and helped pull Tony out from under the car while Angela still held on tight. Tony got the care he needed.

4. Last April 13th, Lauren Heath was taking her 1-year-old daughter, Millie for a stroll in her carriage when a truck appeared out of nowhere heading right for them. In a split second, Lauren pushed her daughter’s carriage out of the way and was struck by the truck. The 20-year-old mother died instantly.

At Lauren’s funeral, many of the people in the Reading, England, community show up to pay final respects and show support for the father and daughter who were left behind. She was regarded by nearly everyone as a true hero.

5. Mothers are fiercely protective by nature. And that’s all mothers… including rat mothers. Captured by video, a snake slithering along the side of a road attempted to swallow up a baby rat, but mama rat said “Over my dead body and freakishly long tail you will.”

Mama rat viciously bit and scratched the snake until it finally released the baby rat from its jaws and mama rat didn’t stop there. She chased the snake away and back into the bushes. Then she returned to her baby, took it in her teeth and scurried off.

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Posted by Evelyn Montecinos on Sunday, 26 June 2016

6. I know we said mothers, but we had to include this father because, like mothers, the love of a father knows no bounds. In Japan, Mikio Okado was driving in a blizzard with his 9-year-old daughter, Akane, when his car got stuck. With that, the two started walking. Finally, the father sat with his daughter and hugged her to keep her as warm as possible for the next 10 hours as the winds howled around them.

Police found them early the next morning and Akane was suffering from hypothermia. Her father, who had his arms around her and held her close to him the whole time, died from the extreme cold.

Because of the severe storm, neither Akane nor her father could see a house only about 50 yards away from them that could have given them the warmth they so much needed.

7. Mindy Tran, of Massachusetts, had just pulled her car into her driveway and got out to get her twins out of the back seat when her car started rolling down her steep driveway toward a high-traffic road.

Her motherly instincts kicked in and she jumped under the car to act as a road bump. A neighbor seen her predicament and ran over to completely stop the car. Firefighters arrived quickly and used an airbag to lift the car off of Mindy.

8. Chelsi Camp, of Texas, was dog-sitting her friend’s dog, a usually very friendly pit bull, with her daughter, Mackenzi. But after the dog smelled the young girl, he became violent and attacked her.

Mom Chelsi immediately dove in and bit the dog’s ear off and punched it in the nose. She somehow managed to call 911 during the fight and an officer came and shot the dog, but didn’t kill it. Chelsi and Mackenzi have recovered from their injuries.

9. Just off the Indonesian island of Sumatra, 25-year-old Trisna was being pulled by her leg into the waters by an 18-foot crocodile. Her death was almost a certainty.

But the woman’s screams alerted her nearby mom, who jumped into the water and started kicking the crock in the face with her bare feet. She then grabbed its jaws and pulled them apart enough to free Trisna.

Frightened villagers comforted the two as they made it back to the river bank and waited for rescue workers. Trisna received 50 stitches to her leg.

10. Scarlett, a cat, was watching over her five tiny kittens when fire struck the abandoned building where they were staying in Brooklyn, New York.

One by one, Scarlett to a kitten out to safety, only to return to the burning building to fetch another. She did this five times. After they were all out, she touched each of them with her nose. She couldn’t see them because of the blisters on her eyes. Then, she collapsed.

A firefighter took Scarlett and her babies to a veterinary clinic, where they were kept and treated for three months, and, according to a clinic staffer, Scarlett was “spoiled rotten and treated like a queen.”….

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