Brave Mother Shielded Her Baby From A Severe Hail Storm.

Last October, in Nanango, Australia, Fiona Simpson was driving her car with her 78-year-old grandmother in the passenger seat and her 4-month-old daughter in the back seat. All of a sudden, a raging hail storm cut loose. It was so strong that the window next to her daughter was shattered and the hail stones poured in.

Fiona quickly parked her car and, in an act of sheer motherhood, she jumped to the back seat and acted as a human shield to protect the little one from the storm… and Fiona was pelted severely with the rock-like hail.

Then, a front window shattered from the hail, and Fiona moved her body around to protect her grandmother as much as she could.

All of them were transported to the hospital, with the infant daughter sustaining only minor bumps. The grandmother suffered wounds on both of her arms. Fiona, however, suffered severe bruising and wounds to her back and much of the rest of her body.

For her actions, Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk recommended Fiona for a bravery award. The 23-year-old mother has been inundated with offers of help… from ointments and creams to massages. Also, a few insurance companies offered to replace her heavily damaged car. Fiona may take up some of those offers, but the most important thing to HER is that her grandmother and child are doing just fine. 

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