Brave Pregnant Woman Climbs On Roof To Give CPR.

In southeastern Kentucky, Harlan County, to be exact, Marcus Hobbs was working on top of a double-wide trailer when he accidentally touched a power line and immediately caught fire and went lifeless.

Ariel Boggs was driving by watched it happen. “It was like a scene from a horror movie,” she would later say.

She stopped her car, ran to the home and climbed up the ladder to the roof. The fire on him was going out. She checked his pulse. There was nothing, so she started CPR on Marcus. She thought he was a goner, but she kept trying. Finally, he started regaining consciousness. An ambulance soon arrived and got him to the hospital.

Marcus was very fortunate that Ariel spotted what had happened and even put herself in harm’s way up on that scary rooftop to try to save him. And luck comes in all shapes and sizes and times, even, because it just so happens that Ariel completed her CPR training course a mere three days before the incident. Such a coincidence.

And I won’t even tell you that Ariel was 9 months pregnant with her fourth child when she ran over to that house and climbed that ladder to save a man’s life. No, I won’t even tell you that that would just be too much for ANYONE to believe. 

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