Brave Woman Chased The Thief After Reading About Him On FB.

34-year-old Alyssa Sanderford read a post on Facebook about a missing dog, which was taken while its owners were in a store near her. Alyssa spotted what looked to be that dog, named Wiley, the very next day at a bus stop, with a man holding onto its leash.

So she stopped her Jeep, got out to make sure that was, indeed, Wiley, and confronted the man about it. He said he didn’t know what she was talking about. So she grabbed the leash, and he grabbed it back. After that, said Alyssa, it was Game On!!

The man started running with the dog and Alyssa, taking off her flip-flops, ran after him. Another couple driving by and seeing her chase the man told her to “jump in” and she did they were strangers. She rode with them for awhile and they had to let her out. And she continued chasing the man.

Another man she met earlier during her chase met up with her again and he caught up with the man and wrestled the leash away from him. Alyssa called the owner and she came racing to the scene. Police were there now, and the man told them he had just found the dog.

But, at last, Wiley was back with his owners, thanks to a spirited, Game On gal, named Alyssa. 

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