Brave Woman Jumps To Rescue The Officer From The Bad Guy.

Most of the time we all just sit idly by and let police officers to their job. But sometimes, they really need help from people in their communities. Here are 10 stories where some regular folks became heroes.

1. Louisiana women are some tough cookies. In Baton Rouge, Vickie Tillman was driving to a store one Sunday morning listening to gospel music on her radio when she spotted a police officer being beaten with his own baton by a man while trying to get his gun from him.

Vickie stopped her car, ran up to the man and jumped on his back, keeping him from doing any more harm to the officer until back-up units arrived and took him away.

She was hailed a big hero in her city…

2. 17-year-old Joe Chambers, a volunteer for his local fire service, was watching the show, “Cops” in his Philadelphia home when he heard a big crash outside.

When he checked on it, he saw a police car on fire. Joe ran up to the side of the car, reached through the window and, with the help of a neighbor, pulled out Officer Mark Kimsey, whose patrol car had been slammed into by a pickup truck.

As soon as Kimsey was out, the car exploded into flames. Kimsey was taken to the hospital and later recovered. Joe was hailed by the police department as a hero.

Said a department spokesman: “A uniform doesn’t make a hero. Courage and bravery does.”

3. In Doral, Florida, a McDonald’s employee had just served an off-duty female police officer through the drive-thru window when the officer pulled away and crashed into a barrier.

The employee, Pedro Viloria, immediately jumped through the serving window and ran up to the car, seeing the officer was having extreme problems breathing. He ran back into McDonald’s and shouted if anyone could help.

Fortunately, a paramedic and an off-duty firefighter were inside at the time. They immediately took control of the situation and got the police officer the help she needed.

4. A Michigan state trooper, Gary Guild, had been chasing a man speeding on a motorcycle near the Indiana border. When the man finally stopped and Guild was attempting to arrest him, a car being driven by the suspect’s half-brother pulled up. He got out of his car and the two brothers started beating up and choking the trooper.

Two passing motorists stopped their cars, ran over and tackled the brothers, and Guild was able to arrest them. They were charged with attempted murder of a police officer.

5. A group of bystanders in Dallas worked desperately to rescue an officer, whose car had crashed 30 feet down into a creek.

The patrol car was T-boned by a hit-and-run truck driver. A group of people at the scene – about a dozen – ran down to the creek to help the unidentified injured officer. Together, they pushed the overturned car, which was taking water, back onto its wheels. The officer was then rescued.

The Dallas Police Department thanked all of the citizens who were involved in the rescue, saying their act to save one of their own was truly brave and inspiring.

6. An armed man was beating up a deputy in the middle of the road in Estero, Florida, and lots of people stopped and pulled out their phones to film the action.

But not Ashad Russell. Instead of his phone, He pulled out his gun and started walking toward the two, with his gun aimed firmly at the attacker.

The suspect, Edward Strother, had deputy Dean Barde in a bad way with his weapon pointed at his head, so Barde shouted to Russell, “Shoot him, Shoot him.” So he did. Three times.

Strother later died at a hospital, and Russell, who had a concealed weapons permit, was highly commended and regarded as a hero for his actions in saving Barde’s life. The shooting was determined to be absolutely justified.

7. Two female officers responded to a fight in front of the transit center in Tampa Bay. But the suspect was still in a fighting mood when they arrived and started punching one of them in the face, trying to grab her gun.

But Transit supervisor Tim Martin, who is a pretty big guy, ran out, grabbed the suspect and put him in a bear hug until the officers could handcuff him.

Tampa Bay police awarded Martin for his heroism.

8. Oklahoma police officer Brian Southerland had a car pulled over for a traffic stop when… all of a sudden… the driver started shooting at the officer, with one shot striking him in the femoral artery.

The shooter then sped off. Two motorists witnessed the incident and stopped to help the officer tie a tourniquet around the injured officer’s leg.

The officer has since recovered, thanks to the quick help of the passing motorists.

9. In Kingston, Ontario, some bad-looking bikers came to the aid of a police officer after he was attacked. The two rough-looking Harley riders witnessed the attack, stopped their bikes and tackled the suspect.

The bikers belong to the motorcycle club called Just Every Riders Known Soldiers.

10. Teenager Jamal Rutledge was handcuffed and being booked into jail in Fort Lauderdale when officer Franklin Foulks collapsed to the floor, clutching his chest. No other officers were in the area at the time so Jamal started kicking at the gate and yelling at the top of his lungs to alert others of what had happened.

Soon, three other officers were on the scene helping with Foulks and getting an ambulance there. Foulks recovered, but doctors said if his rescue had taken much longer, he would have died.

Though Jamal had been at the jail charged with burglary, he was later commended by the Fort Lauderdale City Commission for his heroic actions.

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