Brazil Teacher Changed Hairstyle To Support Bullied Girl.

Hey teachers are pretty awesome people just for helping their students learn, but some go beyond that. Here are 10 stories of teachers helping their students with more than learning.

1. A young Brazilian girl was being ridiculed relentlessly by bullies in her class for her hairstyle. So her teacher, after trying to comfort her that day, came to school the next day with the exact same hairstyle.

2. In Lawton, Oklahoma, teacher ShaRee Castlebury was going to miss her 5 and 6 year olds as the school year was ending. So she gave them a very special project. She brought in a simple white dress and asked them to color on it with markers. The students drew rainbows and butterflies and left endearing notes to their teacher.

On the last day of school, ShaRee wore the dress to school… and her surprised students loved it… along with everyone else.

3. The father/daughter dance at Trautwein Elementary School in St. Louis, Missouri, wasn’t gonna be the same for young Kaylee Nance, who lost her father the year before.

But one of Kaylee’s favorite teachers, Tim Bianco, wasn’t about to let her miss out, and he asked her to be her date. She accepted, coordinated their outfits and had a great time at the dance.

Says Bianco: “I just want her to feel loved and cared about.”

4. In Australia, teacher Bri Dredge was on a TV game show and won $20,000. Now she could buy herself a lot of nice things with that.

But instead, she bought each of the 200 students at her school sturdy leather shoes to help get them through the brutal winter there.

5. In Whitesboro, New York, life just wasn’t the same as others for 17-year-old Virginia Davis. That’s because she was born with only a thumb and a partial finger on one of her hands.

But her high school’s technology teacher created an artificial hand for her to help her do things she could never do before.

It cost him only $30 to make. And that’s incredible, considering similar prosthetic hands sold by companies cost about $30,000.

6. Kyle Simpler, a teacher at a high school in Texas, told his students he couldn’t remember the last time he had a birthday cake.

Well, his students remembered that and surprised him with a party and birthday cake.

He certainly didn’t expect that, and he was touched by their gesture.

7. In Georgia, Jamais Howard did not think he was going to graduate because he had to quit school midway through his senior year because of personal problems.

But teacher Kimberly Wimbish stuck with him and tutored him, and brought his cap and gown to his home. And a very thankful Jamais walked with his classmates through graduation ceremony.

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8. At 12 years old, Cruz Riojas was a troubled child, living in a one-room home with six others, and being beaten often by his stepfather. In school, he raised hell and was known as a holy terror. But teacher Linda Hooper started spending time with him and giving him tasks and giving him a purpose in life.

One day after his stepfather beat him, he ran to Hooper’s home. It would be the last beating he ever took from that man, because he stayed with the Hoopers and became part of their family. When he was 30, they officially adopted him.

9. When Kentucky teacher Kinsey French was planning her wedding, she realized she needed someone special to walk down the aisle with her. So she had her entire class – six students with Down Syndrome — to act as her ring bearers and flower girls.

Says Kinsey: “I knew I couldn’t have my special day without them.”

10. Young Lyla was sick often and one of her kidneys was shutting down.

But one of her teachers, Beth Battista, gave Lyla’s mother a very special present – a note letting her know that she was a match to donate one of her kidneys to Lyla.

Lyla’s mom was thrilled. 

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