Brazilian Woman Spends Over $700,000 On 20 Surgeries To Look Like Kim Kardashian.

Many individuals desire a Kardashian-style physique, but few are prepared to go to the extremes that Jennifer Pamplona has gone to obtain one. The 28-year-old Brazilian Instagram celebrity has spent the previous 11 years “shaping” her figure.

Jennifer has undergone over $700,000 in surgery, totaling over 20 surgeries. Her first operation, at the age of 17, was the first of three breast augmentations. She once underwent nine procedures in 24 hours.

Jennifer confesses that the entire process has been difficult. While she receives a lot of attention for her appearance and has made a career out of it, it has come at the price of her wellbeing. Some of her procedures have resulted in negative outcomes.

Jennifer stated that she was told she was going to die. Her doctor did not use an anaesthetic during her butt operation. Her blood pressure dropped, and she felt she was going to die. It was a disaster.

Jennifer laments the issues, but she does not lament changing her physique. In fact, she expects to keep customising her style for years to come. Jennifer feels she can be a greater star than Kim and that the Kardashians’ time in the spotlight is over.

She explained that currently it’s her time. In her words, “Keeping Up With the Kardashians is no longer on the air, so they did quite well. So this now is my moment.”

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