Bride Asks If She’s Wrong To Wear White Dress As Both MIL And New Husband Are Unhappy.

A wedding day is the most lovely day of the year. The wedding, whether for the bride or the groom, always carries some of the fondest memories of one’s life. It is just a fresh start and a day full of love and beauty. Read the story to know what happened when the bride wore a white gown and what would you do in her situation.

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I recently got married to the love of my life, J. We had a perfect wedding, except for one thing, my MIL’s freakout when she saw my dress. When we had gone dress shopping, I invited her and I found my perfect dress.

My husband’s family has a tradition of always wearing blush dresses on their wedding day. They told me about this before, and I respectfully said I would wear whatever color dress my perfect dress was. Once I finally found it, it was white. MIL asked me to ask if they could alter it to make it blush, or to find a new dress if they couldn’t. I said I would ask, but if they couldn’t then that was that.

Long story short, they couldn’t and I showed up to my wedding in a white dress. All through the ceremony MIL was seething. During the reception, she pulled me aside and asked why my dress was white. I told her that I didn’t want to find a new dress and they couldn’t alter it. She said it was a tradition, and she was disappointed that I had broken it. J also said that he was disappointed when I walked down the aisle in a white dress.

Was I the Jerk for this? I could have just changed my dress.

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