Bride Family Offered The Feast To The City Homeless Resident When The Groom Got Cold Feet Days Before.

Getting cold feet before a wedding is nothing new. yeah, it’s kinda normal. But Landon Borup’s feet were so cold that he had to run to warm them up, and he ran right out on the wedding at the last minute. Needless to say, several people…. one in particular… was NOT real happy about that.

Quinn Duane was all set to marry Landon October 17, 2015, in Sacremento, when Landon became the running man. About $35,000 had been spent on the ceremony and reception, and none of it could be returned.

So Quinn and her parents, with just a few days to go, decided to invite the city’s homeless to enjoy the extravagant feast.

Quinn was still too devastated to attend the event, but her mother, Kari, said: ‘When I found out … that the wedding would not be taking place, it just seemed like, of course, this would be something that we would do to give back. I feel a lot of heartache and heartbreak for her, but I will take away something good from this.”

Homeless people who shared in the meal included single people, grandparents and families with babies and young children.

Says Erika, one of the homeless women attending the event with her husband and children: “To lose out on something so important to yourself and then give it to someone else is really giving, really kind.”

And THAT, I would, certainly, have to agree with. 

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