Bride In A Wheelchair Makes Groom’s Jaw Drop When She Walks Down The Aisle.

The Blind can SEE Love! & The Disabled can CARRY Love! What lies ‘WITHIN’ us is important!……&….. If what lies ‘WITHIN’ us is STRONG, EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE! Meet Chelsie Hill who STRONGLY believes in this theory!

29-year-old Chelsie Hill was in a wheelchair. Chelsie is paralyzed from the waist down. It happened when she met with an accident – a car accident in 2010. But it was always a dream of hers to be able to walk down the aisle on her wedding day.

Did her dream come true?

Chelsie married 34-year-old Jay Bloomfield in a grand wedding ceremony of her dreams. And the crowning moment was she was able to give a surprise to the eagerly awaiting Jay Bloomfield, who was going to be her husband very soon.

The shock was evidently seen on Jay’s face when Chelsie got up from her wheelchair & walked down the aisle to meet him.

“As soon as I saw Jay, his jaw dropped,” remarked Chelsie. “He was just in shock that I was walking because he had no idea.”

And Chelsie could manage to do that, using her leg braces and a walker.

“I want to stress that there’s nothing wrong with sitting down in your chair,” added Chelsie. “But for me on growing up, I always imagined myself walking down the aisle,” she continued.

On social media, Chelsie shared some of her wedding vows that elicited tender emotions.

“My whole life I had imagined standing eye to eye with my husband on my wedding day. After my accident, I wasn’t sure if I would ever find someone who truly loved all of me,” she remarked.

To her groom she texted sweetly, “You have accepted me fully, honored me, and adored all the parts of me. For this moment today, I wanted to do something I had always dreamed of. Stand eye to eye with you as we promise our lives to each other.”

What an emotional moment!

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